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Guilds needed for alpha test.


Galaxy Online is going to officially launch its Alpha Test in the fourth week of February. All characters created during the Alpha test will be saved for future use. Because of this, the Galaxy Online team will only be distributing a limited number of Alpha Test CD-Keys. The GO team is inviting guilds to join Galaxy Online as a whole. If you wish to enjoy the epic journey’s that await players before anyone else, then do not miss this opportunity.

Sign Up Time

February 12th -- February 23rd EST (GMT-5)

How to sign up

1. Add the official website address and Galaxy Online logo onto your guilds website.

2. Post the designated information in the Corps column of the Galaxy Online official forum at :

(*Get the game logo from this link)

Posts must contain the following information

a. Guild name

b. Number of guild members

c. Guild’s website address

d. Number of members who will join the Alpha Test

e. Guild Lord’s contact e-mail address


Selected guilds will each receive the following

1. Each member of the guild will get an Alpha Test CD-Key.

2. Each CD-Key will include some Mall Points.

3. All corp leaders who have signed up in the forum can obtain 200 Mall points (bound with the character) after their corps have 15 members at least.


Each computer is bound to an account

Brief Intro to Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is an all new MMO game designed by IGG. Within the vast expanses of space, Galaxy Online combines many unique design elements, including a commerce system, planetary colonization, warship design, fleet command, imperial expansion and much, much more. Expand your horizons and experience epic journeys to far off places, all in Galaxy Online!

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