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Guild Wars Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Friday 27th April/...On April 28, 2005, the Guild Wars franchise was born with the release of the original campaign, Guild Wars Prophecies. In the two years since that date, the game's developer, ArenaNet, and publisher, NCsoft, have launched two additional stand-alone games, Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall. In total the Guild Wars series has sold more than 3.5 million copies, making it one of the most successful online role-playing games ever.

Much of the success of Guild Wars can be attributed to the fact it is offered without a subscription fee, but still provides robust content, a compelling story, breathtaking art, exciting game mechanics, and a history of significant game improvements and updates. All those things helped create and foster an extremely devoted and loyal player base.

Guild Wars players, who will be celebrating the franchise's two-year anniversary this weekend, have a lot to look forward to. To celebrate the second anniversary of Guild Wars this weekend, players will be treated to a variety of in-game activities including fireworks, games, and special prizes. Not to mention brand new birthday mini-pets for each character when he or she reaches the two-year milestone.

The Guild Wars Birthday Party will take place April 27 to April 29 and will be open to characters from all three campaigns.

"In just two years, we've made three games and have reached millions of players around the world," said Mike O'Brien, one of the founders of ArenaNet. "We have a lot to celebrate on our second anniversary and we will endeavor to continue to deliver great, free content to our fans into the foreseeable future."

Guild Wars Players have had a lot to be excited about in recent weeks, aside from the Birthday celebrations. More and more people are joining the Guild Wars family, so much so that in early April, the possible amount of characters in-game was quadrupled. Last week, exciting new options for veteran players were introduced in the form of; Guild Wars Hard Mode, which provides players with greater challenges that offer rich and unique rewards.

Looking towards the future, ArenaNet and Ncsoft are gearing up to release their first expansion pack for Guild Wars -Guild Wars: Eye of the North-in the third quarter of this year, and it has announced the start of development for Guild Wars 2, which is scheduled for the second half of 2008.

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