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Guild Launch/PlayXpert deal

Guild Launch-branded version of the PlayXpert client to be made available to Guild Launch customers for free.

Richmond, Virginia - December 11, 2008 – Guild Launch, a premier provider of services to online gamers, including Guild Site Hosting and Voice Communications Server hosting, announced today their new partnership with PlayXpert, a provider of next-generation in-game community management tools for PC and MMO gamers.

Guild Launch is working side by side with PlayXpert to create a Guild Launch branded version of their PlayXpert client that will be available to Guild Launch customers free of charge. The Guild Launch version of PlayXpert’s in-game client will have the look and feel of Guild Launch. The tool set will provide gamers with an in-game browser that will open to the Guild Launch website for fast access to the Guild Launch features they use every day, like Rapid Raid, DKP,Raid Planning, Forums, Rostering and more!

“With PlayXpert we can continue to develop our best of breed tools for delivery in the online environment in which they are best suited. The web provides a richer, less constrained toolset than add-ons and mods and add-ons are only supported by a select few games,” says Stephen F.

Johnston, CEO of Guild Launch. “PlayXpert will let our members bring the entire Guild Launch toolset in-game where they can use our tools in any and every game they play.”

Along with PlayXpert’s in-game browser tool, members will also have access to chat with their Friends via popular chat applications. You will also be able to listen to your Tunes. This feature supports Winamp, iTunes & WMP. Diagnostics, so you can kill processes without ever leaving the game and Community, where innovative community-developed widgets will be developed with PlayXpert’s partners.

PlayXpert Partnership

PlayXpert LLC, a company based out of Sandpoint, Idaho is the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools for the PC and MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) market. Focused on delivering the technology gamers want to enrich their community experience, PlayXpert allows users to engage in their favorite activities (forum posts, chat, music control, or monitoring system diagnostics) while in-game. The PlayXpert client is a completely customizable platform that enables gamers to choose from a large variety of tools to enhance their gaming experience. For more information, visit www.playxpert.com.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Guild Launch,” said Charles Manning, CEO of PlayXpert.

“This relationship personifies the value of being player-centric in our collective approach. This partnership delivers significant community value to players right where they need it – in-game."

About Guild Launch

Guild Launch was founded to provide quality guild hosting services to the rapidly evolving and demanding online gaming market. The mission of Guild Launch is provide the members of MMORPG and FPS gaming communities, guilds, teams, clans, PvP teams etc., with affordable and state of the art guild hosting and management tools that enable guild leaders and guild administrators to spend less time managing their website and more time playing the games they love. For more information, visit www.guildlaunch.com.


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