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Guerrilla Bob

iPhone shooter controlled by two virtual sticks.

Detroit, MI – October 29, 2009 – Angry Mob Games, developer of iPhone and iPod Touch games invites game players from all around the world to enjoy the debut trailer of its upcoming top-down shooter game, Guerrilla Bob.

The Story:

This is the odyssey of a brave soldier, who decided to take matters in his own hands. They call him Bob, and this is his game!

They were going to nuke the bad guys, but Bob gets pleasure killing them one by one. So he started his own war. Bob against the foes. Bob against everyone. Everyone that moves.

The Game:

Guerrilla Bob supersedes the ordinary survival shooter experience by providing elements of depth and complexity never before met with any iPhone games of its genre.

Level by level, follow Bob to taste the thrill for the kill!

You must help Bob make his way through the dangerous canyons, steep deserts and dreadful towns. To do this, he must not only survive the countless attacks, but also explore the land in search of new arsenal and secret items. To make things even more challenging, Bob gets some epic boss encounters.

To control his actions, you get two virtual sticks. The left stick is for moving him around and the right stick is for shooting his weapons.

With multiple difficulty levels, a comprehensive scoring system and online leaderboards, players will be able to see how they compare to the best digital soldiers in the world!

Guerilla Bob offers players a true next-gen console experience that will keep them glued to their handheld device says Andrew Faur, CTO of Angry Mob Games. Making Guerrilla Bob was a fantastic trip, we always wanted to get loose from the mainstream game factories, and express our passion and creativity, by creating our own titles.

Check out the amazing debut trailer, featuring Bob in action, taking down waves of baddies:

Follow Guerrilla Bob to receive more information:

About Angry Mob Games:

Angry Mob Games was formed by veteran game industry players, who set their goal to raise the quality of iPhone and iPod Touch titles, and deliver first-rate, polished, high quality titles.



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