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Guardians of Graxia

First expansion, "Elves & Dwarves", available for download now.

Las Vegas, NV ( February 1, 2011) -- Today Petroglyph announced immediate availability of Elves & Dwarves complete expansion for Guardians of Graxia (T M ) PC, a fantasy turn-based strategy game based on the Graxia intellectual property by Petroglyph. Guardians of Graxia is also offered as a board game.

In the first major expansion for the game, Elves & Dwarves, the world of Graxia is greeted by two new Guardians from faraway islands, Flist the deceitful Elf and Broxin the greedy Dwarf. They bring with them even more powerful units and abilities to engage on six additional skirmish maps, some of which have random tile generation for unique gameplay.

"With the success of Guardians of Graxia and its first map pack, we're excited to announce the most compelling content update to the game yet,” said Tony Mullins, Associate Producer. “While Flist and Broxin are worthy Guardians to command into battle, winning a game on the new randomly generated tiled maps is sure to put a twist in your previous strategies!"

Guardians of Graxia features fantasy turn-based strategic gameplay using cards that are your units and actions, on a tiled map representing floating islands. The PC version combines the best of both online and board game aspects, and contains more than 240 unique units and spells. The game supports a single player campaign and numerous skirmish maps. Currently released are the core game, Map Pack 1, and today's expansion.

“Guardians of Graxia now provides even more engaging encounters the community has been waiting for, starting with the Elf and Dwarf races on expansive new maps," said Mathew Anderson, Community Manager at Petroglyph. " Haven't played Guardians of Graxia yet? Give the new demo a try!”

About Guardians of Graxia

Graxia is a planet with mystical energies allowing for entire continents to drift high in the sky. These floating landmasses are filled with the cities and dens of many magical races. Guardians create enchanted portals which are the only means to cross from one drifting continent to another. The portals are used by Guardians to transport armies to conquer the land found on the other side. In time, Guardians have become Heroes of Graxia through conquering their neighbors and saving the lands from tyranny.

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About Petroglyph

Founded in 2003, Petroglyph is an award-winning, independent game development studio located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Petroglyph team specializes in the Online Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and Action RPG genres, leveraging the experience gained from developing original hit franchises for PC and consoles. Petroglyph uses their proprietary GLYPHX® Online game engine, tools and technology to power their next-generation titles.

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Mathew Anderson

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Petroglyph Games, Inc.  

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