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GTIP Cheat Chart

Week Ending 26 November, 2004

The following chart is a list of the most common game cheats across all formats as requested through the AlienPants GTIP service for the week ending 26 November, 2004.

Position Title

1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

2 Need for Speed Underground 2

3 Mortal Kombat: Deception

4 Resident Evil: Outbreak

5 Halo 2

6 WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw

7 FIFA 2005

8 Star Wars Battlefront

9 The Getaway: Black Monday

10 Tony Hawk's Underground 2

The AlienPants GTIP Cheat Chart is a list of the most requested game cheats through the AlienPants GTIP service on all formats during the week listed. The chart is an indication of what games are being played by game players during each week.

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per-platform or per-game statistics, please contact AlienPants Ltd

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