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GTIP Cheat Chart

Week Ending 12 November, 2004

The following chart is a list of the most common game cheats across all formats as requested through the AlienPants GTIP service for the week ending 12 November, 2004.

Position - Title

1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

2 Tony Hawks Underground 2

3 Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen

4 Star Wars: Battlefront

5 Need for Speed Underground

6 Pokemon Colosseum

7 The Lord of the Ring: The Third Age

8 Burnout 3

9 The Sims: Bustin Out

10 Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

The AlienPants GTIP Cheat Chart is a list of the most requested game cheats through the AlienPants GTIP service on all formats during the week listed. The chart is an indication of what games are being played by game players during each week.

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For more information or to enquire about more detailed per-platform or per-game statistics, please contact AlienPants Ltd


About AlienPants

AlienPants provides world-class management and user support for very large communities through the use of online technologies coupled with personal interaction. AlienPants also provides customer support services and written content for games service providers, games news websites, gaming-related magazines and the mobile sector, with clients as diverse as BT Openworld, Digital Jesters, Prima Publishing, Opera Telecom, Gamezville, Oxygen Interactive, T-Mobile and Mindmatics.


GTIP is a premium SMS-based Customer Support, Hints, Tips and Cheat Codes service. You can use the GTIP service to ask for a hint, tip or cheat for your favourite computer game regardless of the console, the game or the question. For more information please visit

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