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GTA on PSP delayed to November 4th in Europe

November 4th is the new European release date for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, with Rockstar's hugely-anticipated PSP-exclusive forced back seven days for reasons as-yet unconfirmed.

The game's UK distributor Gem confirmed the news to our sister site Eurogamer today, and admitted it had only just received confirmation itself this lunchtime. The game had originally been planned to ship this Friday, October 28th.

It is not yet known whether the European slip will have any effect on the game's US release date, which at the time of writing is expected to be tomorrow, the 25th October.

Should the game remain on track in the US for this week, it's fair to say that import retailers will be enjoying a bumper weekend selling what is one of the most in-demand games of the entire year on any platform.

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