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GTA IV still tops in Germany and Spain

Grand Theft Auto IV - the PS3 version - remains atop the sales charts in Germany and Spain

Grand Theft Auto IV remains on top of the sales charts in Germany and Spain according to data released by Media-Control GfK International.

The PlayStation 3 version topped the charts in both countries. The Xbox 360 version came in second place in Germany and fourth place in Spain.

Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii were near the top of the charts as well, with Nintendo Wii and DS titles accounting for six out of the top ten in both countries.

The Top Ten best-selling games for the week ended May 11 were:


  • 1. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)
  • 2. Grand Theft Auto IV (360)
  • 3. Wii Fit (Wii)
  • 4. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
  • 5. Assassin's Creed Director's Cut (PC)
  • 6. Brain Training (DS)
  • 7. More Brain Training (DS)
  • 8. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS)
  • 9. Mario Kart DS (DS)
  • 10. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for MiddleEarth 2 (PC)


  • 1. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)
  • 2. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
  • 3. Wii Fit (360)
  • 4. Grand Theft Auto IV (360)
  • 5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PSP)
  • 6. Wii Play (Wii)
  • 7. 42 All-Time Classics (DS)
  • 8. More Brain Training (DS)
  • 9. Brain Training (DS)
  • 10. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3)
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