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Where do you go for news about the Animal Kingdom?

Till now there has never been a one-stop outlet rounding up all of the happenings; but now GRRNews.com brings people news they can trust. From traffic and weather to politics and animal interest, GRRNews is working around the clock to keep you in the know. Now, GRRNews has combined efforts with the politically driven Hail to the Chimp to bring today's top stories in the Animal Kingdom right to the doorstep (or keyboard in this case) of Homosapiens around the world. From the plains of the Serengeti to the highways of downtown LA; GRRNews correspondents are on the scene for every major event worth covering, now we're bringing our own brand of coverage into the human realm for the first time.

Remember: We write the news so you don't have to. Let the people know!

Led by the "Face of GRRNews" - Woodchuck Chumley - the website is constantly updated with news reports from around the Animal world. Alongside Woodchuck, several noteworthy reporters have been brought on to beef up coverage: "Stock Pig" Pollard, "Weather Turtle" Rusty, and "Obit Raven" Alfred B. Du Maurier. These pundit powerhouses combined with staff coverage of horoscopes, polls, personals, and history (published daily) will prove to be the greatest news team ever assembled.

As a sign of their continued dedication to broadening their coverage, GRRNews.com is proud to highlight the new and improved video section featuring special reports by none other than Woodchuck Chumley himself: http://www.grrnews.com/videos.php and while you're there, don't forget to support our sponsor - Vertabrexstracil - "life can be better today."

GRRNews.com is updated daily from Monday through Friday. Take a look below for last week's recap. Top stories are as follows:

The Global Security Agency ratcheted up the terror threat level to Orange, or Run for cover! Learn why here. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/news.php?aid=57 Illegal Migration: Could it happen here? Lessons learned from the Serbonian Bog dry up. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/news.php?aid=55 Juliet goes undercover for the first in her series on rampant wolf packs, meets with pack leaders in California, and incites pack violence throughout the country and Mexico. Read more here. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/news.php?aid=64 Political candidate Ptolemy's DNA is linked to daddy-less hippo in Vegas and Arts & Entertainment editor Gizelle gets the exclusive interview. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/ae.php?aid=61 The plover strikes are out of control with no negotiations in sight. Read the story of one pigeon who bravely crossed the picket line for work, only to say, "Never again!" LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/news.php?aid=54 Technomamma Zeno reviews Liar 1.3 in his column Caught in the Net. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/technology.php?aid=63 Book reviewer Gertrude Spine offers her take on The Joy of Feeding. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/reviews.php?aid=59 Woodchuck Chumley wraps up the week with insightful commentary, looking to the future and reaming of the past. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/blogs.php?aid=65 Bloggers Nipsy and Eartha do battle on Ptolemy, Illegal Migration and More in Blogs. LINK: http://www.grrnews.com/blogs.php

With the Presidential Election ramping up the stakes are piling higher by the second, we're working to bring you behind the scenes with candid interviews from each candidate. Our own Woodchuck Chumley tenaciously gnaws to the pulpy heart of the issues as he asks questions most other Woodchucks wouldn't even dream of.

Stay tuned to GRRNews.com for all your news needs. If we didn't cover it - it probably didn't happen.


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