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Ground Zero - Genesis of a new World

Nobody remembers who started it. But does this really matter? It lasted only a few seconds. A short, intense flash of light and the world would never be the same again.

Humanity bombed itself back to stone age. The cities are burnt down and the earth is covered wit deserts. The few survivors struggle to survive.

The ones with enough will and strength start searching for other survivors.

Law and order has ceased to exist. Food and water are rare and many don't hesitate to use brutal force to get what they want.

But there might be hope for rescue. Again and again the few working radios are repeating: "Your resort, your chance for a new life. Rebuilding has started. Come to the coordinates 34N, 53W. We are waiting for you!".

Having made my way to the coordinates, I realize that this is far from being the promised resort. A small city of survivors having found their asylum there. But I am ready to face my destiny ...


The player takes the role of the leader and has to build up a team - whatever action it may take. With the help of this team he has to take control of the world of Ground Zero. To achieve this he must conquer 20 different locations and protect them from his enemies. The leader can choose between 250 different equipments like weapons, armour, building materials and food. There are 3 different professions: mercenary, technician, and doctor.

The mercenary can use all possible weapons whereas the technician is able to build a lot of useful tools like rat traps, radio equipment, and water pumps from objects found during the mission. Last but not least the doctor is responsible for the fitness and health of the troops. Thanks to the different abilities the team gains experience and improves. The player has to build up food- and water supply for the team members.

During his missions the player will meet different characters to trade with, recruit or talk to. Furthermore he should always keep an eye out for useful objects. The ruins, wrecks, and deserted houses hold a lot of valuable items. But sometimes he won't be able to avoid a fight. He might ambush rich merchants, hermits, and mutants to take their belongings.

Ground Zero is a strategy game with many role playing elements.


  • Innovative 3d strategy game with role playing elements
  • More than 250 weapons and items.
  • Dynamic calculation of lighting and shadows
  • Realistic change from night to day, different weather conditions
  • More than 20 different maps of industrial zones, cities and military camps

System requirements

Operating system

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP


1 ghz or higher


256 MB

Video card:

Direct 3d compat. with 64 MB

Free disc space:

500 MB


DirectX 8.0 or higher

Release date: April 2005

Street price: 39.99

EAN-Code: tba

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