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Groove Games' "WarPath" Captures Gold

Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter Headed for Xbox and PC


TORONTO, ON - June 29, 2006
- Global interactive entertainment software publisher, Groove Games, announced today that the sci-fi first-person shooter "WarPath" has gone gold for the Xbox and PC. Developed by Digital Extremes, "WarPath" teems with fast-paced action, channeling the original essence of the first-person shooter. Rated T for Teen, "WarPath" is scheduled for release on July 18th.

In "WarPath," players join one of three alien races fighting for control of the Kaladi system, a lone paradise that holds the key to survival in an otherwise barren universe. Raw action and stunning game play ensure players are kept on the edge of their seats as they battle for utter dominion in single-player and multiplayer matches. Six powerful and unique weapons can be upgraded to unlock additional attack capabilities as combat progresses. The Vibro Blade melee weapon and EMAD healing tool further enhance gameplay. Four game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Front Line Assault offer ample opportunity for players to reign supreme over their enemies.

"WarPath" carries an MSRP of US $29.99 for Xbox and US $19.99 for PC. For more information about the game visit

About "WarPath"
Three distinct species have converged upon a virtual Eden in the outermost reaches of the galaxy, each faction with their own unique reason for settling this new world. Conflict is inevitable, victory is not.

"WarPath" is a fast-paced FPS game featuring a unique single-player mode that allows gamers to battle for control of different territories, each of which provide distinct strategic advantages. Once players have honed their skills in the single player campaign, they can jump online and let the real action begin.

"WarPath" features:

  • Three unique species to choose from, each with their own unique weapon load-out and appearance
  • Three land-based vehicles
  • Eight weapons: the Wolverine, Tyrant, Violator, Judge, Vanguard, Javelin, Vibro Blade, and EMAD, allow for a highly diversified range of play styles
  • Upgradeable weapons that unlock more functionality and greater destructive force with each new level
  • UNREAL® engine and Havok® physics technology provide stunning visuals and effects
  • In single player practice mode, gamers can go up against 32 bots for an adrenaline-filled multiplayer simulation
  • Four modes of high-speed, intensely addictive multiplayer action - Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Front Line Assault
  • 25 Multiplayer levels that take players across the diverse indoor and outdoor environments of Kaladi
  • Support for 2-16 players via LAN or Online, allowing battles to be intimate grudge matches, or all out clan carnage! (32 players via a dedicated server in the PC Version)
  • Multiplayer mode gives access to all the weapons and upgrades that players unlocked and mastered in the single player campaign

About Groove Games
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Groove Games is a global publisher of interactive entertainment software. Groove's mission is to partner with leading developers and publish great games for avid gamers everywhere. Groove has recently published Digital Extremes' first-person action game, "Pariah"TM and the multi-platform game, "Playboy: The Mansion." For more information visit

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