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Gridrunner++ Released For The Mac

Thursday 16th December, 2004

Jeff Minter's legendary shooter Gridrunner++ sheepiezaps onto the Mac, bringing with it 50 waves of the most intense psychedelic blasting for the discerning arcade addict and all-new Mac-only features, including an online high score table so you can play against the rest of the world and, for the truly hardcore, the frenzied, 'Christ, what sort of baastard thought of that?' Turbo Nutter Mode.

A frenzy of mouse-driven retro-flavoured shooting, Gridrunner++ brings Jeff's 80's classic Gridrunner into the 21st century with the ++ update that has already enjoyed considerable critical success.

And now it's available on the Mac with all the magic of the PC original along with a number of great enhancements. Despite being an avid Mac user of 20 years this is Jeff's first release on the machine and hopefully the first of many.

Griddrunner++ can be purchased directly from Llamasoft Ltd for the exceptionally low price of £6 and you can try before you buy with the 5 level version downloadable from

If you would like to review the full version of Gridrunner++ for the Mac please email with details of your publication to receive a free copy with all 50 levels unlocked.


"Brutally addictive. One mouse, one button, shoot lots of relentlessly hostile everyday objects and icons, collect sheep to boost bonus multiplier. Minter at his most relaxed and accessible"

PC Gamer:

"Grid Runner ++ is a mile-long insectoid monster, secreting lysergic compounds... Buy the thing. No excuses. Annihilate now. It rules the old skool like Gripper Stebson."


"A hectic, weird, intuitive, pretty, noisy, defiantly old-skool blast at a downright silly price."


"You'll be compelled to give it a second, third and seventy-third try until you reach a Grid Runner trance"

Home Of The Underdogs:

"Gridrunner++ is simply a must-play for every action fan."

Puppy Games:

"Fun to play, easy to pick up and put down, and pleasantly mesmerizing. This makes it one of the best-value games available"

Dark Angel:

"Oh man this game rocks!!!111!!oneoneone!!"

For further information contact Jim McCauley:

Llamasoft was founded in 1982 by gaming legend Jeff Minter and has been bringing distinctive software design to the world of video games for the last 22 years. Llamasoft and Jeff are committed to creating the very best in digital entertainment. For more information visit or email

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