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Greg Ingham takes the reins for Edinburgh Games Festival '04

The Edinburgh International Games Festival has appointed its chairman for the 2004 event, with Future Network CEO Greg Ingham taking over the role from LEGO Interactive MD Tom Stone, who chaired the 2003 event.

The inaugural EIGF event was held in August, and was hailed as a highly successful addition to the industry's calendar. The festival is supported by developer body TIGA, publisher association ELSPA and the Scottish Enterprise board.

"It has always been our intention to rotate the Festival Chair on an annual basis, in addition to refreshing the steering committee from event to event," explained TIGA boss Fred Hasson. "I can speak on behalf of everyone involved in organising this year's event when I say that we couldn't have had a better inaugural Chair than Tom and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for leaving the event in such good shape for his successor."

For his part, Ingham says he's "truly thrilled" to be involved in the organisation of the 2004 event. "I'm particularly looking forward to meeting with and talking to as many people in the business as I possibly can to ensure that next year's event is as appealing to all sectors of the industry as it possibly can be," he commented.

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