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Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball Max’d takes the sleeper hit of 2004 to a whole new level.

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd combines the speed and adrenaline of a fast-paced sports competition with the tactical play of the first person shooter. Players engage opponents in ultra-intense tournament action. Greg Hastings is a paintball legend, and with other pro paintball players and teams represented, the game delivers an authentic paintball simulation. The game features Single Player Career mode, Split Screen Exhibition mode and up to 14 players for 7 on 7 multiplayer LIVE matches.

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd delivers a new level of customization, extended playability and AI control. Split screen exhibition mode supports up to four players on the couch. Players can create their own team in exhibition mode for split screen play. New AI support includes field commands (AI bots look and move and call out opponent positions). Pre-play mode allows players to assign break out positions and break out shooters before a match begins. The Field editor allows players to create and play on an unlimited number of custom fields. GHTP Max'd will support Xbox Live competitions, allowing users to create single elimination tournaments. GHTP Max'd will feature 129 new fields layouts, 50 classic fields, and new licensed music tracks.

Paintball offers a non violent alternative to the first person shooter and brings the sporting EVENT aspect to players in both single player mode and particularly to the LIVE community.

The game captures all of the true nuances of the sport including accurate and detailed controls, licensed pro players, real Paintball gear and 20 actual tournament locations.

History (franchise/license/teams)

Greg Hastings's Paintball Tournament Max'd is the second title in the GHTP franchise. The title is published by Activsion with WXP, Inc. acting as Game Producer and Xbox developer.

WXP holds licensing rights from paintball manufacturers to include authentic gear, as well as pro paintball players and teams who appear in the game. Additionally the game features licensed music tracks featuring artists B-Real, Octane and more.

Sparklers (key features info - both quality and quantity)

  • Single Player Career mode, Split Screen Exhibition mode and LIVE multiplayer for up to 7on 7
  • Xbox Live competition support for user created single elimination tournaments
  • Develop and advance your character's career from Rookie to Pro in Single Player Career mode
  • 29 Tournaments, 21 locations, and 148 pieces of licensed gear
  • 189 Field layouts -- 139 new field layouts for Max'd, 50 classic fields
  • 14 Top Pro's including: Greg Hastings, Rocky Cagnoni, Alex Fraige, Keely Watson and others
  • Over 19 licensed music tracks from artists including B Real, Octane and more. Select music tracks for play, or set music to random play. Rip your own tracks to play in the game.
  • Build custom fields in the field editor, designate tournament fields in the match editor, and share custom fields in multi-player mode
  • Control AI bots on the field to Look and Move
  • AI bots call out opponent positions
  • Set up your own plays using the pre-play editor - assign breakout positions and breakout shooters
  • 5.1 audio
  • Support for downloadable content

Xbox Highlights (specific "Xbox-Only" features)

  • Multiplayer for up to 7 on 7 team play
  • Xbox Live competitions for user created single elimination tournaments
  • Downloadable Content
  • Friends list, invites, notifications
  • Leaderboard
  • Live Aware, Silent sign-in

Demo Information

Single Player Modes (arcade, adventure, practice, etc.)

The E3 demo features Single Player tournament, arcade and tutorial modes only. Players can access the full single player game with 179 fields available. The Field Editor also allows players to create and play on an unlimited number of custom built fields.

Multi-Player Modes (Split Screen/System Link)

We will not facilitate multiplayer (split screen or online) modes for the show floor at E3 due to logistics and crowd congestion in the Xbox booth.

Game Goals (what specifically do you do in game to progress)

Build your career from Rookie to Pro in single player career mode. Develop your character, your team and your inventory of gear. Advance through the single player tournament to win experience points. As you complete tournaments you are awarded store credits to spend on new gear.

Create and play on your own custom built fields created in the Field Editor.

Basic Controls (detail the full control scheme)

Control Function

Left Thumbstick Move character in first person view.

A Button Toggle Snap Up or Left/Right

B Button Dive/Slide

X Button Switch gun hands

Directional pad Stance up and down, look left/right

Y Button Turbo toggled on/off (run with gun down)

WHITE button (In game) bot command, Move and Look commands.

BLACK button Reload

Left Trigger Button Fire Marker (or Snap)

Right Trigger Button Snap (or Fire)

Right Thumbstick Aim/ look around

Right Thumbstick Button Quick look (Default is turned off.)

Left Thumbstick Button Quick Stance (Default is turned off.)

Start button Pause game

Spectate Controls

Control Description

Right Thumbstick Look around

Left Thumbstick Move

Right Trigger Fly Up

Left Trigger Fly Down

Menu Controls

Control Function

START Button Pause game and enter pause menu

BACK Button Within menus, return to previous screen

Directional Pad or

Left Thumbstick Menus:

  • Move up or down to select menu items


  • Move left or right to select weapon or item in Inventory

Character Menu:

  • Move left or right to cycle to the next player.

A Button Select/confirm

B Button Return to previous screen

Right Thumbstick Rotates selected objects when applicable.

Left Thumbstick Move menu selections

Right Trigger Zoom in on applicable objects in gear menu.

Control Specifications

Left and Right Triggers

The Right and Left Trigger buttons are analog sensitive. The Left Trigger (snap) controls how your character will snap out from behind a bunker. Pressing slightly or more severely on the trigger incrementally controls your character from a quick peek to a long sustained lean. Firing the marker with the other Trigger can be adjusted to emulate the actual performance of any given marker, changing the amount of sensitivity for firing, as well as allowing for rapid fire modes, where the marker fires on press and release of the trigger.

Turbo Mode

Hitting the "Y" button on the controller toggles turbo on and off. When in the "On" position this will allow you to run quickly forward (gun goes down) for a limited time. There is a turbo meter in the HUD under the game time that shows how much turbo you have left. When you stop, the turbo is recharged slowly. You need to select the turbo back off via the Y button to get out of this mode. Turbo is toggled off automatically when the user depletes the charge.

Soft Reset

You can perform a soft reset and return to the title screen by holding down the START and BACK buttons for three seconds.

Controller Vibration

At times throughout the game, the controller vibration activates. You can disable the Controller Vibration at the Options Menu.

Recommended Demo Path (describe how a good demo would flow)

The E3 demo will highlight single player career mode only. We do not plan to enable split screen or multiplayer on the show floor.

Before the demo...

Create and advance a single player profile to the end of the Novice career and save the game. (you will be loading this saved game multiple times throughout the day.) This way when you beat the Pomona level you will see the Congratulations you have completed all of the Novice tournaments screen. As well you will have advanced far enough to acquire better gear and spend experience points on your characters skills. The end of Novice/beginning of Amateur is not too difficult to play. All of the previously beaten levels will be available to play in Arcade mode allowing quick access to a variety of levels. (Note: Leave experience points unspent so you can start the demo by spending points thus examining the characters skills. Leave enough cash so you can buy a better Marker)

The Demo

1. Go to Single Player / My Character - Spend some experience points on a character skill. (Speed is best, allowing you to move faster adds to the visual experience.) Press A to accept.

2. Go to Gear Bag - From the far left starting a Jerseys. D-pad down through the available Jerseys (if you have purchased any) Move laterally through the categories and down through the selections. Press Y on interesting items to look at the more info screen. Use the Right Thumbstick to rotate the item. You might want to change out some gear like putting on a 16 inch barrel and a fast hopper.

3. Go to Online Store - Go to the Markers section and examine the selections. Notice the greater than and less than indicators on weight speed and accuracy. Green arrows indicate the item is better than the one you currently have equipped. Buy a better Marker.

4. Go to Team Manager - Move to a player portrait and press X (drop player) Press A on the now empty slot to move to the available players screen. Move amongst the players showing how their skills differ. Press Y for details on a character. Use the right thumbstick to rotate the character. Select a character to occupy the empty slot.

5. Go to Play tournament - Play through the tournament ladder to its conclusion. (If you save in the middle or end of the tournament you won't have to play the whole thing.) - While playing be sure to use field commands to help out your teammates. Aim at a teammate (crosshair turns green) and press the White button to execute a Move command. Point anywhere on the field and press white to execute a Look At command, drawing your teammate's interest to that area. Try to play tactically, snapping out from behind cover...don't forget to use snap up. Switch gun hands when approaching the edge of your cover so that your snap function will have you popping out on the correct side.

6. Mention other modes of play and features - Split screen exhibition, Field Editor, Match Editor and support for competitions on Xbox Live.

Showcase some of the other Rookie and Novice levels in Arcade mode like the Northwest challenge, Ultimate Madness and Skirmish.

Xbox Live Plans (detail online plans, if any)

  • Multiplayer LIVE for up to 7 on 7 team play
  • Support for teams and user managed competitions
  • Spectator camera
  • Leaderboards
  • Live Aware, Silent sign-in
  • Downloadable Content

Estimated Time to Enter Gameplay (duration of time between boot-up sequence and actual gameplay)

Time to enter gameplay by bypassing the splash screens and intro movie (hitting the A button) is less than 10 seconds.

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