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Greenberg not expecting Kinect review/sales "correlation"

Microsoft chief of staff unsure of media response to motion controller

Microsoft's chief of staff for its Interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg has hinted the company is prepared for a mixed media response to its initial Kinect titles.

"I don't know how reviewers will grade those games because they're so unique and so different to what the reviewers have played with controllers," he admitted to sister site Eurogamer.

"We'd love to see great reviews but I don't think you'll see the same type of correlation between reviews and actual sales of the game."

When asked if he was worried about a possible negative response, he claimed that "I'm not nervous. I know what the media thinks; we know they love Dance Central, we've heard they think it's the killer app. They're excited about Child of Eden. We've even had a lot of good feedback for Kinectimals from the core."

Greenberg also reasserted recent Microsoft claims that "this will be the largest launch we've ever had as a business," even feeling that "We'll definitely sell more sensors than the Wii sold when it launched or the Xbox 360 sold when it launched."

There was no budging from earlier sales projections either. "We feel safe we'll do three million this holiday, which puts us in pretty high territory for even a consumer electronics product."

The chief of staff also batted away questions about the need for a new Xbox, claiming Kinect would rejuvenate the 360. "I think we're five years in and we safely feel like there's at least another five years left in this generation."

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