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Green Solutions sets in motion an aggressive expansion plan in India and Africa.

Green Solutions Ltd who already wholly own Data Design Interactive and Artworld are acquiring a major stake in Idea Studios - a CGI studio which runs its European offices from Coventry and a successful animation studio in Bangalore, India.

Data Design Interactive has been outsourcing many of its projects over the past year and has found Idea Studios to be very productive and reliable. With Data Design Interactive's production expanding to 21 titles a year, they are now the Uk's largest developer of game titles. They need the regular reliable supply of graphics and animation that a company like Idea Studios can supply.

Stewart Green, Director of Green solutions said;

"It makes good business sense for them to take an equity stake in the company where we can supply such a large quantity of work for their 100+ employees. They also have access - through their animation work for films - to licences which we intend to produce as games."

This is all part of an aggressive expansion plan for Green solutions brought about by the rapid change within the industry itself. If we look at other manufacturing businesses - especially programming or CGI development - India can be cited as the world leader.

Stewart Green, Director of Green solutions said;

Future development will be primarily outsourced; it is a case of 'do it or your company will die'. Saving on production costs can mean a boom time for developers is just around the corner. Outsourcing has enabled us to purchase licences and produce more titles than we ever could previously. This is a positive step forward for the games industry and Green Solutions has embraced the opportunities that have arisen from it."

Green solutions are also looking to set up another new international division "ARTWORLD (SA)"

For the past 4 years Green Solutions has been successfully working with three or four South African CGI animators. It has now been decided that it would be more efficient to bring them together into a single studio to work exclusively for a CGI ARTWORK division. This will be called ARTWORLD SOUTH AFRICA and will be based in Cape Town and by the end of this year, ARTWORLD SOUTH AFRICA will have 15 employees.

About Data Design Interactive

Green Solutions Ltd manages the production of Interactive products for the entertainment industry. From character or game design to final production on PC, Console or Online. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS, KIDZ SPORTS, and ACTION GILRZ, brands. GSL own the publishing rights to the GODS brand development system. We employ the best skills for a job either outsourced or internally through our fully owned studios, Data Design Interactive for development, Artworld Studios for Computer animation, and All-Star-Gaming for Coin op production

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