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Great Pyramid Adventure

Find the hidden objects and save your sister.

Friday, July 9th 2010 Gameshastra, the leading publisher and developer of digitally-distributed videogames, has today unveiled its latest entry in the enormously popular "hidden object" genre.

Great Pyramids: Romancing the Seven Wonders is now available via www.bigfishgames.com, priced $6.99.

Before the Old Kingdom, in the fourth year of the reign of King Amenhotep IV, Queen Nefertiti enjoyed unprecedented power, equal only to the Pharaoh himself. However, in the fourteenth year of the King's reign, all record of Queen Nefertiti vanished … until now.

Brianna Hastings has been trapped in an ancient tomb, and only her sister can save her.

Players progress by scouring beautifully rendered Egyptian locations for a host of objects cunningly hidden amongst the lavish scenes. A host of puzzles demand logic and reasoning, as players journey through this ancient land.

The "hidden object" genre has captivated audiences worldwide, and ranks as casual gaming's most popular pastime. Gameshastra's entries include Route 66, Secrets of Great Arts, Nocturnal, Taj & Rangy Lil - and the firm is renowned for the visual quality, historical accuracy and attention to detail.

"Great Pyramids: Romancing The Seven Wonders, is a beautiful game, designed to be played casually whilst offering a significant challenge," says Prakash Ahuja, CEO, Gameshastra. "Ancient Egypt was a fascinating period in history, and one which has given our designers the scope to come up with some wonderful locations, cleverly hidden historical artefacts and devious puzzles - it's a game with huge appeal."

Great Pyramids: Romancing The Seven Wonders is available now at Big Fish Games, priced $6.99.

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