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Gray Matter

Jane Jensen's adventure to arrive on PC and Xbox 360 in Q4, with the precise date to be announced at gamescom.

28th June 2010

For Immediate Release


Jennie Lever; Capricorn PR; 07747 691 992;

Jason Codd; Lace Mamba Global; 07881 506 863;

Lace Mamba Global confirm UK release of Gray Matter on PC and 360 in Q4

Lace Mamba Global is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the highly anticipated adventure game Gray Matter on PC and Xbox 360 for Q4 2010. The final worldwide release date will be announced exclusively at the Gamescom event in August of this year.

Gray Matter has been in the making for a number of years and stands as one of the most anticipated upcoming adventure games of 2010. Developed by adventure game veteran Jane Jensen, Gray Matter will be the first game by the famous adventure author since the release of Gabriel Knight 3 in the 90’s. Staying true to Jensen’s style, the story weaves gruesome incidents and supernatural events.

In April 2010 journalists and games insiders were invited to a Gray Matter press event in Oxford, where the game is set, and teased with a sneak preview which including exclusive trailers, walkthroughs and the Xbox360 graphics. Gray Matter has already been met with a hugely positive response by advanced reviews.

Lace Mamba Global is confident that the title will be a huge success and offer something unique to consumers. UK sales manager Glenn Hayes says “From our initial and continuing conversations with retail the concept has been greeted with great enthusiasm. We fully expect to deliver a product across PC and Xbox360 that delivers both a fantastic gaming experience and strong sales. Gray Matter as a brand and Jane Jensen’s fan base sets this title in good stead for strong pre-orders and progressive sales from release.” He adds “Gray Matter is the perfect game to launch Lace Mamba Global into the competitive multi platform market and we are pushing Gray Matter as the first of many exciting multi platform releases from Lace Mamba Global.”

For more information, previews, interview requests or review copies please contact Jennie Lever at


Game synopsis:

Neurobiologist Dr. David Styles is one of the game’s central characters: since losing his wife in a horrible accident several years ago, David has become a recluse, seldom leaving Dread Hill House, his English country estate. But when student and part-time street performer Samantha Everett shows up at his doorstep, she unexpectedly becomes his new assistant. Hailing from America, she has been travelling through most of Europe the last couple years searching for refuge and a well paid job. Her first task: involves recruiting six test subjects from Oxford University for one of Styles’ planned experiments. The experiment starts off innocently enough, but then inexplicable incidents start mounting including a visit from Styles dearly departed wife. Now it’s up to Sam and Dr. Styles to solve the mysteries of Dread Hill House. In Gray Matter, the player takes control of Dr. David Styles as well as Samantha Everett as they are trying to unveil secrets and find the truth.

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