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Grasstream 2: Travis vs. Garcia

Two heroes fight it out during UStream event.

But this clash of legendary heroes is just the tip of the iceberg! Grasshopper’s taking Grasstream to a new level this year with more interviews, more live music, more guests, and best of all, a new game announcement!

Grasshopper Manufacture is also honored to have the cast of one of gaming’s most popular podcasts, 8-4 Play, joining us to provide English commentary for all of our international fans.

As a special treat for the fans who attend, we’ve prepared a special Grasshopper Manufacture-themed menu, original Grasshopper Manufacture cocktails, and a very special present. And if you still haven’t grabbed your copy of the No More Heroes 2 Original Soundtrack, you can purchase it and other limited edition Grasshopper goods at the show. -GRASSTREAM 2: TRAVIS VS. GARCIA-



Hosted by: Kayo Sato / Rolling Uchizawa

Musical Guests: Vanilla Beans & others

Date: Wednesday, March 30 th 2011

Location: Shinjuku Loft Plus One

Doors open: 18:30 / Starts: 19:30

Advance Tickets: \1,500 / At the door:\2,000

Lawson Ticket #  L:37506

?If you own an iPhone or iPad, don’t forget it!

? Part 1 ? Good Work, Travis! -NO MORE HEROES2 DESPERATE STRUGGLE-

·No More Heroes Character Designer Yusuke Kozaki & Mechanical Designer Shigeto Koyama

discuss creating NMH’s memorable world

·Scott Pilgrim vs. Travis Touchdown?!?  Suda 51 talks about Edgar Wright’s latest film,

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

·No More Heroes acoustic set with GhM director and The Riot lead vocalist, Kazutoshi Iida

? Part 2 ? Grasshopper’s Latest Game!

[Grasstream 2 Original Menu]·Ryan Yamazaki Bin-Bin Sausage·Garcia Hotspur Chicken·Paula’s Caprese·Shadows of the Cocktail·GhM Grasshopper Special·Mojito 51*Menu contents may change before the event 

·New game announcement!

·Hands-on impressions from Vanilla Beans and model/gamer, Kayo Sato

·Vanilla Beans mini-concert

? Part 3 ? Welcome, Garcia ! -Shadows of the Damned-

·Special chat with Suda 51, Akira Yamaoka, and a Special Guest!

·New Trailer!

·Shadows of the Damned events in April



¦USTREAM Channel

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/grasstream-2-travis-vs-garcia ¦Grasshopper Manufacture Homepage http://www.grasshopper.co.jp/ ¦Shinjuku Loft Plus One Homepage http://www.loft-prj.co.jp/PLUSONE/ *Changes to schedule may occur before the event 

About Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Widely known for creating and developing cult classics killer7 and No More HeroesGrasshopper Manufacture is a video game developer based in Tokyo and established in 1998 by award-winning game creator Suda 51. Suda 51 is famous for consistently creating new and original IPs. His bold approach to game development has attracted some of Japanese gaming’s most creative designers; including Akira Yamaoka, Kazutoshi Iida, and Yasuhiro Wada.  Grasshopper Manufacture is currently developing Shadows of the Damned, a new IP for EA’s EA Partners label.


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Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

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