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Grand Prix Championship 2010

Racer launching this month in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with branded versions possible if you're that way inclined.

Play Sunshine, the new multi-platform video games developer and publisher, today announced the completion of “Grand Prix Championship 2010”. The Windows racing game will be released through retail and online world-wide now following the start of the 2010 grand prix season.

“Grand Prix Championship 2010” contains qualifying, single race, time trial and full championship modes, with ten tracks from around the world and 30 drivers. The game will be released first in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in March through Play Sunshine’s leading mass-market specialist partner Media Verlag, and in Poland through IQ Publishing.

The game has been developed so that advertising and promotional partners can be supplied with fully branded versions of the game, as well as being localised into any language.

Grand Prix Championship 2010 and the other Play Sunshine racing game products are available for licensing in territories and markets around the world. “Grand Prix Championship 2010” is the third racing game completed by the company and numerous more are in development and will be announced in due course.

With publishing offices in the UK and development offices in Bucharest, Romania, Play Sunshine already has official developer status on Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone, to go along with its development work for PC, on-line and Facebook games.

“Business has been growing rapidly at Play Sunshine in the past few months. We now have a team of over 25 members of staff working on projects for clients as well as our own IP. We have a very competitive cost-quality ratio that our clients in the UK, USA and Germany highly appreciate, We expect the growth to continue at the current rapid pace for the remainder of Q1 and throughout Q2 2010,” stated Richard M Holmes, CEO of Play Sunshine.

For additional information on Play Sunshine and its products, including product information and demos, please contact Mr. Vili Bageag, PR Manager, on email vili@playsunshine.com, phone +40748300642. Play Sunshine can be followed on the company Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aylesbury-United-Kingdom/Play-Sunshine-games-publisher-and-developer/79509846211?ref=ts or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/playsunshine

ABOUT PLAY SUNSHINE – Play Sunshine (UK) Ltd is based in Aylesbury, England, and has a development office in central Bucharest, Romania. Play Sunshine is a developer and publisher of computer and video games and entertainment on PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and on online platforms such as Facebook. Play Sunshine’s available releases include the Brainbox Quizmaster series of five games on the iPhone as well as Windows PC racing games “Burn It!”, “Touring Car Championship 2010” and “Grand Prix Championship 2010”.

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