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Grand Chase

New character joins the fray: Ryan.

IRVINE, Calif. - Oct. 29, 2008 Ntreev USA, Inc. has released a brand new character for Grand Chase, the online action brawler developed by KOG. After witnessing Kaze’aze destroy his beloved Ellia continent, Ryan joined the knights of Grand Chase.

To celebrate the release of Ryan, Ntreev USA is holding a special event from October 28th through November 11th. As players reach certain levels with Ryan during the event, they will receive prizes such as runes, aging cores, and reinforcement boosters. If Grand Chase gamers reach specific levels as Ryan, they can also earn cash armor sets like Black Mamba, Absolute Power, and Celestial Black Druid.

About Ryan

As a druid, Ryan draws his strength from nature and has the ability to heal his fellow knights. Additionally, Ryan has the ability to transform himself into a frightening avatar of nature’s wrath. Ryan has three main attacks. “Magic Break” is a fast attack that uses Ryan’s axe to launch enemies into the air and smash them down. “Shockwave” is slower to activate, but will cause an earthquake that causes damage to all enemies standing on the ground. Finally, “Ryan’s Heart” gives Ryan the power to resurrect fallen team members with 20% of their health points restored and without consuming any of the team member’s extra lives.

For more information about Ryan, please visit:

Grand Chase is an online action brawler set in a medieval fantasy world. It follows the story of a few brave young knights who join a group of nobles known as the “Grand Chase” to defeat an evil usurper to the thrown, a villainess known as Kaze'aze. Grand Chase combines traditional side-scrolling dungeon crawling with intense, skill-based player vs. player (PvP) matches. For more information, please visit the Grand Chase website:

About KOG Studios

Since it was founded in 2000, KOG Studios has been a pioneer of online fighting games and online racing games in Korea.

About Ntreev USA Inc.

Located in Southern California and established in the fall of 2006, Ntreev USA Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft, specializing in online game development and publishing. Ntreev USA currently publishes the anime MMORPG Trickster Online Revolution and the online action brawler title, Grand Chase.

Alexia Nielsen , TriplePoint


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