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Grand Ages: Rome

Official website goes live.

Worms / Bracknell, 15th December 2008

Kalypso Media have announced today that the official website for their new city-building strategy game GRAND AGES: ROME has gone live. GRAND AGES: ROME is the sequel to their highly successful city-builder Imperium Romanum. The website provides visitors with general information about the game, a range of high quality screenshots and a discussion forum for fans to discuss the forthcoming game. The website also contains lots of information about the prequel Imperium Romanum, the add-on pack Emperor Expansion and the Imperium Romanum Gold Edition. In addition, details about the Imperium Romanum value packs Conquest of Britannia and Wilds of Germania are also available.

Website GRAND AGES: ROME: www.grandages.com

GRAND AGES: ROME will be available on 6th March 2009 for a recommended retail price of £29.99.

GRAND AGES: ROME features:

- The ability to generate your own character! Experience gained from completed quests is persistent in future quests.

- Campaigns that feature up to 20 maps.

- A completely revised battle system.

- A new and improved economic cycle.

- A new and improved graphic engine.

- A multiplayer mode.

- Ships and islands.

- Lifelike towns & villages in which inhabitants celebrate, get married, brawl etc.

- Graphical representations of natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, plagues will be expressed graphically.

- And much more.

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