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Grand Ages: Rome

Details of some of the military units at your disposal.

Viva Media announced exciting details of the military units available to players of GRAND AGES: ROME. Players will not be disappointed with GRAND AGES: ROME’s impressive graphics, robust and complex combat and a myriad of new features that aim please. GRAND AGES: ROME provokes players to set their sights on domination!

In GRAND AGES: ROME player choose specific combinations of military units to optimize their battle success.

Victory, the kind a Roman commander requires, comes only from faultless planning, fearlessness and a total commitment to defend the Roman Empire.

Defeat is NOT an option!

You can construct your army from these and other available military units.

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard is the elite of the Roman infantry. They are tough and deal colossal damage.


The Gladiators are slaves trained to fight at the Arenas. They wear no armor, but deal colossal damage


Archers are basic ranged soldiers armed with bows. They are an excellent support unit, but are fragile on their own.


The Hastati are the backbone of the Roman army. They are better protected than other light infantry squads but more expensive.


The Triarii are heavily armored and highly resilient soldiers which can keep the enemy at bay for a long time.


The Equestri form the base of the Roman cavalry. They are well protected but deal less damage compared to other cavalry squads.

Berber Raiders

These African camel riders are a moderate cavalry unit. They are lightly protected but have above average damage and low cost.

Gaul Berserkers

The Berserkers are amongst the most fearsome Gaul warriors. They wear lighter protection than the Hastati but deal more damage.

Nubian Warriors

These African warriors can hurl their spears at the enemy from afar, but are equally good in melee.


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