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Grammy Award Winning Michael "My'Kill" Calderon Of Destiny's Child Fame Joins Game Audio Production House Chakrasound

Along with the recent addition of former IGDA Chairman Alex Jarett to the Chakrasound Advisory Board, famed music engineer and producer Michael Calderon further energizes the studio’s progressive approach to complete game audio


Houston, TX - June 23, 2005 - Game audio production house, Chakrasound, today announced that Grammy award winning producer/engineer Michael "My'Kill" Calderon has joined the studio's team. Calderon's appointment follows the addition earlier this month of former IGDA Chairman Alex Jarett to the studio's Advisory Board, and further highlights the rising industry profile of this forward-thinking sound studio which brings a unique and cost-effective audio production model to the games industry.

With credits including such mega-hits as "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child, along with noted work for Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, The Dogg Pound, Bunny Wailer, and Funkadelic, Calderon brings additional depth and breadth of experience to the already robust Chakrasound team. His key contacts and serious studio firepower are particularly well-suited for games with an urban flavor. Calderon's work has also appeared in major studio films such as "Dr. Doolittle", "Trespass", and "Poetic Justice".

"Using the 'best-fit' principal on a per-project basis, we bring our clients 'A-list' talent like My'Kill and an expert crew assembled under the direction and guidance of our experienced game audio management and business-savvy inter-industry Advisory Board," said Levon Louis, co-founder and audio director for Chakrasound. "In short, our audio production approach is shaped after the proven models of production for Hollywood motion pictures and major label music, but it is tailor-made for games."

Providing audio content and related production services, including custom music, pre-cleared licensed music, voice acting, sound effects, and sound-to-picture mixing, Chakrasound impressed seasoned games industry veteran Jarett with its progressive approach to game audio.

"Having this kind of expertise under one roof is the model for audio that makes the most sense for where the games industry is today," said Jarett "And definitely the most sense for where it's headed."

About Chakrasound

A rising game audio production house, Chakrasound provides a complete set of audio content and related production services to the interactive games industry. Launched in 2002, Chakrasound has already contributed to a number of recent high profile releases, including providing custom SFX, sound-to-picture, and custom music to "Big Mutha Truckers", whose opening cinematic sequence was subsequently nominated for a BAFTA. Chakrasound's other recently released and upcoming credits include "Kohan II: Kings of War", "Axis & Allies", "Amped 2", "Project Gotham Racing 3", and "Playboy: The Mansion". The Chakrasound creative camp also includes renowned games writer Susan O'Connor ("Dungeon Siege II", "Act of War: Direct Action", "Star Wars: Jump to Lightspeed", "Finding Nemo"), and the studio's voice actors have appeared in such game giants as "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and "Dues Ex: Invisible War".

Guided by an inter-industry Advisory Board of entertainment media veterans, including former IGDA Chairman Alex Jarett, Nashville music industry mogul Billy Block, and Oscar and Emmy winning sound designer Michael Kimball ("The X-Files"), the Chakrasound approach to game audio is shaped by the proven model for Hollywood motion pictures and major label music, but custom-made for games.

In combination with Chakrasound's smart "per project" approach, the studio's Texas location helps game publishers and developers enjoy the most cost-effective audio production possible without sacrificing any quality. The studio's top-tier recording complex has claimed home to such music legends as The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, ZZ-Top, Willie Nelson, The Eurythmics, and Destiny's Child, in addition to several movie productions. For more information about the studio and its progressive game audio philosophy, visit


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