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Home of Flyff and Rappelz launched four new servers.

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gPotato Europe portal: “http//” is leading the European market with free-to-play MMORPG; currently publish in both French and German markets. Gala Networks Europe is proud to announce the opening of four new game servers, in order to follow up the incredible growth of its community, which reaches out to over several hundred thousand players. Launched less than a year ago in French marketplace, the portal has become a tremendous success thanks to its free-to-play MMORPG “Flyff (Fly for Fun)”, closely followed by “Rappelz”, its second game, which was launched last February. With the launch of “Street Gears”, scheduled for the end of June, Gala Networks Europe intends to give access to a complete and diversified gaming experience, which will remain forever free.

With its manga universe and its regular events, “Flyff ” has seduced the French and German players, becoming the leading free-to-play MMORPG in these two languages. Since its launch,“Flyff ” already received two major extensions, named “Acts”, and now opens two new servers named “Risem” for the German, and “Sérénité” for the French, which is completely non-PK. With the opening of these new servers an XP and Drop Bonus Event will be held for one week. In order to assist all newcomers a Vagrant Box, full of gifts, will be made available to ensure great achievement in the world of Madrigal.

Only available since five months, “Rappelz” is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG focused on wars between player’s guilds and taming of powerful creatures. In only a few months, the world of “Rappelz” has attracted a fastest growing community with thousands of players. Due to demand two new servers, named Phönix for the German market and Loreleï for the French market have been added. As a world exclusive, Loreleï will be completely non-PK. Another major extension “Epic V: Dragonic Age” is scheduled for the end of the month on the European servers.

Following the success of “Flyff” and “Rappelz,” the portal will launch a third game in less than a month: “Street Gears”, an in-line skating free MMORPG taking place in a manga universe. Based on quality service, regular events and constant communication with the community, Gala Networks Europe intends to keep its Number One position in the European free-to-play market, by continually developing both German and French Markets.

You can find a lot of resources, including images and videos, about “Flyff ”, “Rappelz” and “Street Gears” at the following FTP:

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“Street Gears”, “Flyff”and “Rappelz” are free-to-play multiplayer online games published in French and German version by Gala Networks Europe Ltd, which is leading free to play online games publisher in Europe. Gala Networks Europe publishes free to play, online games via its online gPotato Europe portal:

For more information, don’t hesitate to visit the gPotato Europe website at or contact our PR Service at

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