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GP2X Handheld Gaming Console Launches In UK

Powerful Linux-based Handheld Gaming and Entertainment Console Delivers Outstanding Gameplay and Industry-Leading Media Playback


18 May 2006 - GP32/2x Distribution Ltd. today announced the availability of the GP2x - the Linux-based handheld gaming and entertainment console. The GP2X is the successor to the GP32 handheld - the first open source portable gaming machine which sold more than 32,000 units worldwide solely by recommendation and with no marketing budget.

The GP2X packs an extremely powerful 240MHz dual-core processor, 64MB of RAM and 64MB of on-board NAND flash memory offering up to four times more power than the Nintendo DS. Alongside game, music and movies playback the device can read e-books and store and view photos. It incorporates SD memory card support for media and game playback and runs off just two AA batteries - offering up to six hours gameplay on a single battery charge.

The GP2X also delivers higher quality audio and video playback compared with the Sony PSP. This is thanks to the handheld's on-board graphics chip and high-contrast 320x240 3.5" LCD screen. Users can download movie and video clips of any resolution or size and view them on the GP2X's with no fuss or need to re-encode them. The GP2X can also connect directly to a TV set in order to watch movies or play games on a larger screen.

Since the beta launch of the GP2X in November 2005, more than 500 games and application have been developed for the console - most of them freely available on the Internet. This includes emulators such as MAME and ports of some of the best known PC games.

'We sold almost 3000 consoles in the first 24 hours through word of mouth alone, we could not believe it, at one point our severs crashed under the load.' explained Craig Rothwell, Director of GP32/2x Distribution Ltd.

"We have been astonished by the kind messages and feedback from the early GP2X userbase. The speed at which games and software has been released is amazing. Now it is time that the UK public get to see what a powerful and flexible machine the GP2X is." "The console's open source operating system means that unlike the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, anyone can develop software and games for the GP2X.

"If you are sick of having firmware updates forced on you and like the idea of having truly open console we will be happy to have you with us."

As well as the abundance of free software, 10 commercial games are in development, with demos of Vektar and the GTA3 style hit 'Payback' already available via, with the full titles being released in the coming months.


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