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Government rumoured to announce last ditch attempt to tackle inner city crime levels

Operation Freedom Force to save the day?

Urban crime levels are not improving - the number of incidents involving mugging, shooting and violent attacks are soaring. Operation Freedom Force is the new strategy aimed at curbing urban crime problems, according to Government sources.

Government officials are now controversially looking to employ tactics used in WWII and other historical battles, as well as new maverick techniques so far untested to address the problem. The Operation Freedom Force regime is to be implemented following the general election and the government is soon to release projected figures for crime level improvement under the scheme.

Operation Freedom Force is an unusual proposal for the government but demonstrates that in desperate times, extreme measures are needed. By employing a number of highly successful and previously proven 'crime fighters' the hope is that the team will combat the villains of urban society and win the fight against evil. Their profiles have been released and are as follows:

Minute Man - Though his discomfort with flattery would indicate otherwise, Frank Stiles is considered fearless leader of the Freedom Force. His deep passion for freedom and love for his country as well as his gift for split-second decision making makes him the ideal commander.

Tombstone - Nathan's world was shattered when he came home one evening to find his wife murdered. It was only when he was strapped the electric chair that he realised who the murderer was. At that moment Energy-X blasts the circuit breaker powering the electric chair, giving him powers from beyond the grave...and a thirst for revenge.

Sky King - A true man of gadgets, Sky King wields a variety of guns and grenades and can even use his rocket pack to blast his foe into submission.

Blackjack - A former scientist and master cards player, Blackjack arms himself with a lethal array of poison-tipped playing cards and other scientific marvels.

Green Genie - Green Genie fled her home in order to avoid being forced into marriage. With her transformative powers, she creates complete chaos in battle and loves every minute of it.

More information on Operation Freedom Force can be found in the official interactive reference document 'Freedom Force V 3rd Reich' available at all good video game retailers as of today.

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