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An ideal demolition demon, a cybernetic perfect one and just a regular guy - Governator once again stepped in the life and the work of honest terrorists, peace-loving maniacs, upright extremists and other nice members of the world of madmen. In his stylish manner he transforms populous training camps into child's sand-boxes and underground military bases into deserted oases of the democracy.

Game's features:

the vivid graphics of high quality

the dynamic sound

a lot of different locations full of blood lusting psychos

a large arsenal of weapon

tense gameplay

a horrible final boss

real action atmosphere

Localizations: EN, RU, SP, PL, CZ, GR, IT, GE, FR

Genre: Action/Platformer System: J2ME Target Auditorium: All

Review at mark 8 of 10.



YouTube Trailer:

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