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Got Game Entertainment "Scratches" North America with Gothic Horror Adventure

Mystery adventure game for the PC set to haunt players in 2006 with eerie twists, terrifying surprises, and deductive-style puzzles


WESTON, CT - December 29, 2005 - Got Game Entertainment LLC today announced a North American publishing deal for "Scratches", an atmospheric mystery adventure game for the PC, brimming with eerie twists and terrifying surprises. Set in and around a solitary Victorian mansion concealing a terrible secret, a long since forgotten story from the past emerges to haunt the present. A careful combination of inventory-based and deductive-style puzzles, integrated with a riveting storyline, non-linear gameplay, intricately detailed graphics, and an entrancing sound track, immerse you in a haunting gothic atmosphere until the final shocking revelation. The game is scheduled for release March 1, 2006 and will retail for $19.99 (USD). "Scratches" is not yet rated by the ESRB.

As famed horror writer, Michael Arthate, you arrive at Blackwood Manor, your newly acquired home, an old Victorian house lost in the outskirts of a small English market town. While the ominous weather bodes of darker days, you are initially charmed by this peaceful and quiet place. The pleasant stillness is soon broken, however, as the rooms of this exquisite, if faded glory, mansion speak of past events, their tales echoing through its walls. As the odd noises in the basement grow ever louder, you set about solving your sanctuary's long-held mystery.

Isolated by a washed out road, and in search of clues, you delve into every dark corner of the mansion and its untended grounds via a point-and -click interface. Examining, probing, and hunting your way through musty rooms, an overrun greenhouse, a sinister chapel, and a forbidding crypt, your investigation deepens, and you slowly become aware of one terrifying fact: you are not alone.

"We believe the adventure genre is a powerful vehicle to establish an important and very unique connection between the player and the makers," said Agustin Cordes, Nucleosys co-founder. "Got Game Entertainment has been extremely supportive of the adventure community and Nucleosys is very pleased to work with Got Game to bring 'Scratches' to North America."

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About Nucleosys

Founded in Argentina by Agustin Cordes and Alejandro Graziani, Nucleosys is committed to creating quality adventure games. Beyond merely telling a story, Nucleosys wants gamers to live it with compelling stories, immersive atmospheres, and organic challenges. Beyond merely telling a story, Nucleosys wants gamers to live it with compelling stories, immersive atmospheres, and organic challenges. As a point of interest, the upcoming "Scratches" will be the first commercial adventure game ever made in Argentina. For more information, visit

About Got Game Entertainment

Founded by Howard Horowitz, Got Game Entertainment, LLC is a publisher of games for Mac and PC. With the release of games such as "Scratches", Got Game Entertainment continues its commitment to bringing to market quality games offering exceptional entertainment. For more information on the company and its games, visit


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