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GoPets Running Wild on the Internet; 100,000 and Counting

SEOUL, KOREA - Sept. 15, 2005 - GoPets, Ltd., today announced the achievement of its newest North American milestone. The beta test program for GoPets ( has now been successfully launched in North America, resulting in over 100,000 users worldwide. This makes GoPets a truly global service with strong user bases in Japan, Korea, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and the Philippines. Additionally, this unique endeavor has daily participation from over 75 other countries, as well, with more territories to follow as the rollout continues.

"We're extremely pleased with how quickly the GoPets online community has been growing, especially in North America," stated Erik Bethke, CEO of GoPets, Ltd. "Users from all over the world are embracing this technology which allows communication without the traditional language barriers. It's as liberating as it is enjoyable."

Launched in the form of a public beta earlier this year, GoPets is a unique online entertainment service offering friend making, social networking and games, all wrapped together in the world's most advanced virtual pet raising experience. Currently consisting of cats and dogs, GoPets are 3D animated creatures housed on the desktops of computer users across the globe. These pets are able to interact with other GoPets characters all across the world in exciting and unique ways. The loveable creatures can ride skateboards, dance and even sample exotic dishes with other users.

About GoPets, Ltd.

GoPets, Ltd. is an international game developer and publisher in Seoul, South Korea, with partners around the globe. Incorporated in November of 2003, GoPets is gaining impressive momentum with its flagship product, allowing users to easily play games and make friends all across the world. Comprised of numerous industry veterans, GoPets is quickly establishing itself in the online gaming marketplace. For more information please go to

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