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Over 43.7 million Gooze points have been exchanged in 2010 so far.

College Park, Md. – Goozex, Inc., the premium online video game and movie trading site, announced today the company’s 2010 mid-year trading statistics. Over 43.7 million Goozex points, a virtual currency used to purchase games and movies on the site, have been exchanged since January 2010. The trading service is on track to shatter the 2009 trading volume of 53.8 million Goozex points exchanged by 62%. All items listed on Goozex are assigned a point value through a proprietary pricing algorithm that match the used fair market value for any video game and movie. Users spend and receive Goozex points by trading items with other members throughout the United States and Canada.

July marks the four year anniversary of the Goozex trading service. The free to join site offers a hassle-free alternative to listing your items for individual sale and can save families hundreds to thousands of dollars, annually. To date, Goozex estimates that it has saved members over $7.5 million on video game trading alone. And Goozex is truly a market place for every type of video game and movie fan. 53% of all trading activity is for the current generation of console players including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. The remaining trading occurs for portable gaming, retro gaming, PC & Mac gaming, and movies.

2010 marks a turning point on Goozex in which the PlayStation 3 takes the top spot for most requested game on Goozex with the title Heavy Rain. Bioshock 2, for the Xbox 360, takes top honors for most traded game in 2010. Compared to previous years, the volume of PlayStation 3 transactions has certainly increased on Goozex, while those for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 have remained relatively constant.

Below are the top 10 Goozex trading lists for 2010:

Top 10 Most Traded Games on Goozex Since January 2010:

1. Bioshock 2 – Xbox 360

2. Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360

4. Assassin’s Creed II - Xbox 360

5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves– PlayStation 3

6. God of War III – PlayStation 3

7. Borderlands - Xbox 360

8. Heavy Rain – PlayStation 3

9. Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 3

10. Assassin’s Creed II – PlayStation 3

Top 10 Most Requested Games on Goozex Since January 2010:

1. Heavy Rain – PlayStation 3

2. God of War III – PlayStation 3

3. Red Dead Redemption – Xbox 360

4. Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360

5. BioShock 2 – Xbox 360

6. Alan Wake - Xbox 360

7. Final Fantasy XIII – PlayStation 3

8. Red Dead Redemption – PlayStation 3

9. Bayonetta – Xbox 360

10. Darksiders – Xbox 360

Top 10 Most Offered Games on Goozex Since January 2010:

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360

2. Assassin’s Creed II – Xbox 360

3. God of War Collection – PlayStation 3

4. Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360

5. Bioshock 2 - Xbox 360

6. Borderlands - Xbox 360

7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – PlayStation 3

8. Assassin’s Creed II – PlayStation 3

9. Halo 3: ODST - Xbox 360

10. Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox 360

Goozex offers a weekly feed of the top 10 categories that can be found here:

About Goozex, Inc.

Goozex, Inc. offers an award winning peer-to-peer online marketplace for trading media goods and it is headquartered in College Park, Maryland. has become the leader in online game trading centered on a virtual point system since the site launched in July 2006. Users sell their games and movies for Goozex Points, which can be redeemed for other video games or movies for only $1. The system offers its users a fair market value for their products and guarantees all trades. On average, members can save about $16.50 per game trade as compared to traditional used game retail stores. Movie trading was introduced in August 2009.

Goozex, your game trading community TM. Please visit our website at

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