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Win an iPad with the game and movie trading community.

The iPad 2 is a perfect giveaway prize for Goozex members that enjoy getting the best value for their dollar.  Trading any three games or movies not only automatically enters you into the 3-For-2 iPad 2 giveaway contest, it also earns members valuable Goozex trading points, a virtual currency used on the site.  Members can use those points to get any of the thousands of items on the site.  For example, a user can send out Sony PlayStation 3 games Homefront and MLB 11: The Show and the blu-ray version of Toy Story 3, receive points then automatically receive entry into the contest. 

Goozex offers a money saving, hassle free way for families to get the most value out of their home video game and movie libraries.  The site manages thousands of trades per month by connecting members across the U.S. and Canada in a safe and secure e-commerce match making process.  Members post the games and movies they own and want to trade on the site, while also requesting other items that they wish to receive.  Goozex automatically assigns points to every individual item that reflects the current best value for it.  Members spend points and one trade token to get items, and earn points by sending out games and movies. 

The 3-For-2 iPad 2 giveaway contest starts on March 21, 2011 and ends midnight (PST) April 21, 2011.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected among the eligible pool of entries.  To become eligible, members must complete with  positive feedback at least any three trades for items available on the site during the contest period.  Please visit the contest rules page here for further details on eligibility and restrictions.


“We love giving new prizes to our members,” said Jonathan Dugan, COO and Founder of Goozex.  Jonathan continued, “The iPad 2 is the tech to have for digital and online entertainment.  Our members are enthusiastic gamers and movie fans and the iPad 2 provides great experiences for both.  We think it’s a prize that resonates well with all our members.”

About Goozex, Inc.

Goozex, Inc. offers an award winning peer-to-peer online marketplace for trading media goods and it is headquartered in College Park, Maryland.  Goozex.com has become the leader in online game trading centered on a virtual point system since the site launched in July 2006. Users sell their games and movies for Goozex Points, which can be redeemed for other video games or movies for only $1.99. The system offers its users a fair market value for their products and guarantees all trades. 

Goozex , your game trading community TM. Please visit our website at www.goozex.com  

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