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Good Game

Australian telly show hosting zombie special this Monday night, and it's available via the web too.

Think you know zombies? You don't know jack. Good Game, the Australian show for gamers, by gamers, is hosting a massive zombie-fest this Monday night. With 4 zombie games coming out in quick succession plus a creeping desire to eat human grey matter, it's the only logical choice!

Here's what you can expect Monday night:

Resident Evil 5 - Once again the virus has sprung up, this time it takes the STARS team to Africa to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on this horrible weapon.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Originally banned in Australia, we can finally play this atmospheric chiller, minus those infamous bits of torture.

Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop - A remake of the 360 game using the Wii controls, this is the classic case of a zombie quarantine zone. You're trapped in the small town's shopping mall, of course, and this new version has much more boomstick... but can the Wii make it better?

House of the Dead: Overkill - Just like the arcade, you'll point and shoot your Wii-mote at the screen in this highly tongue-in-cheek zombie thriller. Comedy is always nice, but is it any good?

All that plus a history of zombie games, and we talk to the guys behind recent indie release Zompocalypse. Good Game airs Monday nights on ABC2 at 8:30pm, and late Fridays before Rage on ABC.

Don't live in Australia? Busy both those nights? You can download or stream any episode from our website -

Enjoy the show!

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