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Golf War

Take to the fairway in a Middle Eastern warzone.

THE MONKEY MAFIA Presents Golf War


Brisbane, Queensland, 20th October 2010. - Student game development team The Monkey Mafia have released a demo of their latest game "Golf War". After a year in development, The Monkey Mafia emerge with a action golf game with a unique and very relevant twist. Players jump into an intense Middle Eastern warzone with only one thing on their mind: Getting the ball to the goal.

Players will have to deal with explosions from car bombs and IED's as well as navigating a crowd of locals who just keep getting in the way. The goal is to get to the end in the quickest time possible, how players get there is up to them, via the rooftops and avoid the crowds? or maybe down in the thick of it, but out of the way of explosives?

"Golf War" can be downloaded immediately from the games official website

The Monkey Mafia is a student game developer group formed to create a final project for Queensland University of Technologies Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment. The team consists of students from the Software Technologies, Design and Animation disciplines.


Contact: Anthony Wood



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