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Free, 2D, steampunk MMORPG gains a weapons system.

Blainville, Canada - January 26, 2009 -- Dave Toulouse, an independent game developer, announced a new weapon system in the free web MMORPG Golemizer ( A free 2D steampunk MMORPG, Golemizer requires no download or plug-in to play and features a rich sandbox environment.

Opening doors to a new way of playing in Golemizer, the weapon system allows players to enter combat side by side with the golems they have created. Faithful to the steampunk theme, the following weapons are the first to make their appearance in Golemizer:

- Junk Shotgun, shooting anything but bullets

- Steam Thrower, fire is overrated

- Slime Gun, firing toxic waste

- Raygun, typical deadly steampunk weapon

- Time Warper, freeze your opponents in time

Just like any other items found in Golemizer, all weapons are entirely crafted and customized by players through 27 new weaponsmithing skills. Once a weapon is crafted, expert weapon smiths will be able to experiment on them to try to improve theirs properties (range, damages, accuracy and failure risk). With the addition of weapons in the game, players can expect new high-end content and new systems in following updates.

Since its release in September 2008, more than 14 000 players have roamed the creative world of Golemizer. In their journey, they have created 400 quests, using the player created quest system, crafted over 400 000 items and created more than 2 000 new zones using the player dungeon system.

About Dave Toulouse

Dave Toulouse is an independent game developer with eight years of professional web development experience working to provide rich multiplayer experience on the web. Progress of current and future projects can be followed at


Dave Toulouse

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