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GokGames launch

New iPhone/iPad publisher headed by Nicôle le Strange to launch first title next week.

November 3rd 2010: Northampton, UK: Nicôle le Strange today launched a new digital publisher, bringing fresh, new games to the iPhone and iPad. With three games for launch before Christmas, and more in development, GokGames is bringing highly polished, simple games to the iOS.

"This is the start of a new age for games," explained le Strange.

"We've long had games as entertainment, as a hobby and as an obsession, but now people often buy games as a simple treat. It's like buying a chocolate bar, or stopping in at Starbucks. You spend a few pence or a couple of pounds to treat yourself. You expect quality, but the experience isn't epic or obsessive. That's exactly where we're going with our games.”

GokGames has a range of titles in development, with several having passed Apple approval and awaiting release.

"For our first title, we wanted to prove that a simple game could still bring a real smile to your face; too many free or cheap apps seem to lack that smile-factor. So we've taken a well-loved game idea, created some fresh, original variants on the theme, and really polished up the graphics.”

“After that we've got a couple more games for release this year, slightly more expensive but still in the 'treat yourself' price range. And a lot of our effort at the moment is going into a Da Vinci Code-inspired conspiracy game for release next summer; lots of Templars, crystal skulls, and other fun intrigues and collusions!"

GokGames' first title will be released next week – go on, treat yourself!


About GokGames

GokGames is based in Northampton, UK, and was founded by Nicôle le Strange. le Strange has previously worked for Beriah (the games production consultancy), TIGA (the UK developer's trade association) and Oxygen Interactive.

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