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Pure Pinball 2.0 joins vintage PC game download site.

Warsaw, Poland – January 13 – For months ( has claimed to be the ultimate destination for digitally distributed DRM-free PC classics, and thanks to Legendo Entertainment, the site finally has the balls to back that up – the pinballs, that is. Pure Pinball™ 2.0 ( – originally released under Iridon Interactive, which is now a label under Legendo Entertainment – has been added to the site’s ever-growing catalogue of classic PC games at the low, low price of $5.99. Pure Pinball 2.0 REDUX offers the most thrilling virtual pinball experience ever, with three unique 3D tables with varying themes (Racing, War and Trains), each with multiple flippers and special game modes. Featuring great visuals and countless hours of entertainment – with all of’s features, including no DRM, full compatibility with modern operation systems and cool additional materials – there’s no denying the value of this pinball package.

Bjorn Larsson, CEO Legendo Entertainment, said, “When the game originally came out it had some pretty steep system requirements – now, with the release on you can enjoy it in all its beauty. On most computers with all bells and whistles of your graphics card enabled, it looks gorgeous to this day and date.”

But wait, that’s not all! In a multiball-like explosion of news, the team has also launched an update to the site that should appeal to the classic-game collectors out there. The cleverly-titled Update 1 introduces a virtual game shelf made of fancy virtual wood that will help players keep their games collections in order. No dust, no fuss. Other features of Update 1 include improved community functionality, a new forum skin and an updated “My E-mails” section to keep track of correspondences with team. Anyone with an account at can access the new virtual game shelf by visiting their My Account page. And if you haven't bought any games at yet, you can check how cool the two free games look at the virtual shelf.

“Pure Pinball 2.0 REDUX brings all the pinball fun from the arcades to your house, without the smell and sticky floors. Even better, you can pay for the game once and play it till you drop… no more praying for a score match and a free replay,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of “We’re also excited to roll out the first major update to; it introduces a number of improvements our community has been asking for, and the virtual game shelf really gives people a good way to stare proudly at their collections. We’ll be launching a lot of new features this year, so if you haven’t checked the site out yet, come on by!”

Pure Pinball 2.0 ( is now available at for only $5.99. More news concerning new deals, more new releases and new service features will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


About Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment is an independent creator of computer and video games based on myths, legends, classic novels and historical events. Though headquartered in Sweden, Legendo uses a distributed development model employing top talent from all around the world including the US, Spain, UK, Poland and Australia. Legendo currently publishes and develops for the PC and Nintendo Wii. For more information visit

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