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Assorted Microïds titles headed to DRM-free download site.

Warsaw, Poland – April 30, 2009. (, the place where classic PC games are reborn as DRM-free bundles of goodness, has announced yet another publisher that will dust off its back-catalogue games for a new generation of gamers. Microïds, the famed producer, will bring Mega Race 1 + 2, Haegemonia: Legion of Iron with the Solon Heritage expansion and Obscure to the site. The first title – a bundle of Mega Race 1 and 2 ( – is available now at, DRM-free and for the meager price of $5.99.

The Mega Race series was one of the most popular futuristic racing franchises of the 90s. The game takes place in a distant future where television as we know it has been replaced by VWBT – Virtual World Broadcast Television – allowing viewers to actively participate in the programs they watch. One of the most popular channels is Mega Race, where people square off in live-or-die races with speed gangs. Your goal is to destroy all of the speed gang members and become the ultimate Mega Race champion. The series was known for its extraordinary graphics, great arcade gameplay and hilarious videos starring the host of the Mega Race channel, Lance Boyle. Even if you're not a great fan of future racers you'll have lots of fun watching as Lance tries to discourage you before each race. And that’s just one of the many great Microïds games coming to; surely there’s a little something for everyone.

“Microïds is another great addition to the catalogue of Good Old Games. We're very pleased that more and more publishers share our vision of digital distribution,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of “We've recently passed the 100 games milestone at, and we're not stopping. We’ll continue to add more games from great publishers, producers and developers like Microïds until we’ve tapped all of PC gaming’s extensive history.”

Abrial da Costa, VP Marketing and Sales Microïds, adds: “Good Old Games is a perfect and natural partner for the digital distribution of our classic titles. We are thrilled to add our premium catalogue to the community.”

MegaRace 1 + 2 is already available on for $5.99 with the rest of Microïds classics planned to hit the catalogue in the upcoming weeks.

About Microïds

MICROÏDS is one of the leading adventure games producers and publishers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. With an ongoing focus on hiring the industry's best and brightest new talents, MICROÏDS is home to the teams that develop and create innovative games and interactive programs. MICROÏDS has one of the world’s first and largest adventure catalogues, bringing together titles from Microïds, Cryo, Index+ and Wanadoo Edition. MICROÏDS’ international successes include Still Life, Syberia, Atlantis, Dracula, Egypt and Versailles series, or the Amerzone and Obscure hits. For more information, please visit

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