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GodStoria: The Bible Online

Biblical update goes live.

Siegburg, Germany –  March 18, 2011

Lucy Ahn, the publishing manager said, “We have also deleted inactive accounts for the first time since GodStoria has been online. We expect to provide a more pleasant game environment to the active users and foster more interaction among them.”

GodStoria is currently available in two languages, English and German. FIAA announced that Spanish and Polish servers will be available during March and further languages such as French, Italian and Russian will follow.

About GodStoria ( )

GodStoria: The Bible Online is the first browser game based on the scenario of the Bible. It is a MMO browser game with elements of RTS and RPG. As the leader of their tribe, players have to construct their villages, manage resources and the budget. It is their task to protect their tribe and conquer new lands. Playing the role of Abraham his descendants, users also lead their tribe and raise heroes through hunting and gathering experiences.

Key features of GodStoria

-      Browser Game

-      Strategy game: build villages and develop, conquer and defend tribes

-      MMORPG: raise character and compete against other users

-      Quests according to the stories of the Genesis

-      Chat system

-      Birth Right system: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

-      Compatible to current browsers

About FIAA GmbH

FiAA GmbH is an online game publisher. Located in Germany, FiAA is focusing on licensing and publishing online games worldwide and especially in Europe. FIAA Interactive Inc. is FIAA GmbH’s American branch office.




Peter Rehrmann

FIAA’s Game Manager, Jane Lee said, “We would like to listen to the player’s feedbacks and suggestions so that we can bring out additional PvP and daily quest updates in the official version of the Sodom and Gomorrah update. Still in this beta version, our players will get to experience a whole new dimension of the game. This update should enable users to experience a real RPG and RTS in a single browser game platform.”


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