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Gods War Online

Open beta launched in Germany.

GodsWar Online is a colorful 3D-MMORPG that is based on Greek mythology and the conflict between the two mightiest city-states: Sparta and Athens. The players can engage in exiting adventures and experience breath-taking battles with creatures of myth, heroes of legend and even the gods of Olympus themselves.    

A special clan system supports the founding of communities and enables them to choose a deity on which to call in order to gain strength from their worship. Items within the game can be enhanced and customized by the players using a special tool and certain gems. Furthermore the players can support their polity with donations.  

GodsWar Online is free of charge and can be played directly after downloading the client software. This software package consists of ca. 300 MB.  

About Mail.Ru  

Mail.Ru ( is the leading internet-portal in Russia. Mail.Ru offers over 40 different services of entertainment and communication to the global Russian community, focusing on five core offers. Mail.Ru is operating the longest running and largest Russian email service offering mailboxes of unlimited size, spam- and virus-protection, a translation-service, spell and grammar checking and several other functions. Currently over 80 million mailboxes are being actively used.  

Mail.Ru Agent ( is a leading instant-messages-service with over 15,5 million active users per month. It includes a free-of-charge SMS function, an email client for the mobile version, voice and video chat as well as micro blogging – all these functions are connected to the social networking service My Mir@Mail.Ru and the blog service Blogs@Mail.Ru.    

My Mir@Mail.Ru is a leading social network that offers the possibility to its over 60 million registered users to stay in contact with old friends and to find new ones. They can exchange messages, pictures, videos, music and much more and they may also run blogs together. In regard of the accessibility of external applications especially social games, Mail.Ru did pioneering work. The most popular of these applications by now have from hundreds of thousands of active users up to a million a day.  

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With a share in the market of over 50 percent and more than 40 different titles that address a large number of individual interests, Mail.Ru is the leading Russian vendor of online games. Internal developments like the major successes Allods Online and Drachenkrieg are also part of the portfolio as are international successful projects. Perfect World II, Herr der Ringe Online, ZT Online, Feng Yun, Jade Dynasty, Cross Fire, Loong, Battle of Immortals, Empire Craft, Neverland, Rappeltz and Silkroad Online, just to name a few.  

European Publishing  

In the course of the strategy of a long-term development of new markets the Games GmbH was founded in July 2008 in Hamburg. Starting out under the name Astrum Online Entertainment GmbH, Games GmbH is concentrating its efforts to offer localized versions of popular and internally developed top titles to the European customers. Meanwhile this branch has advanced to the status of European central office and is working internationally, publishing and marketing Mail.Ru-licensed product as well as own developments in the EMEA-region. In doing so Games GmbH has the sole responsibility for all processes of the projects including marketing, distribution, multilingual support and server-hosting.  

Currently Games GmbH is running "Drachenkrieg" ("Legend: Legacy of the Dragons"), "Supersoccer" ("Football Territory"), "Juggernaut" as well as "TimeZero" and "Berserk Online", five own developments of Mail.Ru in seven different languages. Additionally by now licensed products like “Empire Craft” and “GodsWar Online” have been released. In 2011 the portfolio will be extended much further.  


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