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Gods War Online

Info on the "much anticipated" Guild Altar Deity System.

IGG ( is happy to give a brief introduction to the much anticipated Guild Altar Deity System for GodsWar Online (

For most players, the charm of the game lies in its unique systems. The Guild Altar Deity System is one of the characteristic systems of GodsWar Online, which is based on ancient Greek culture. In Greece, Zeus, Athena, Apollo and other Gods enjoy broad appeal and worship throughout the land, even enjoying the sight of many large and magnificent temples erected in their honor. In GodsWar Online, if a player joins a guild, they will gain a patron God who shows their favor by giving them ability bonuses.

In the game, players can worship Apollo, Demeter, Hermes, Hephaestus, Hades, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hestia, Poseidon and Artemis, obtaining ability bonuses in HP, HP Restoration, MP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Damage Absorption, Hit, Dodge and so on.

Every player can have many patron Gods at the same time and obtain all of their Gods’ bonuses. However, the number of Gods depends on a guild’s size. When a guild upgrades to the next level, it will have more Gods and their bonuses for their members. For the sake of receiving more bonuses from the Gods, develop your guild.

The higher the level of a guild, the more funds will be consumed every day.

Meanwhile, contribution points will also be consumed when players believe in Gods. Certainly, different Gods need different amounts of contribution points. Thus, in order to develop your guild and improve your abilities, you should contribute more to the guild.

After joining a guild, players can also purchase rare potions and items in the Guild Mall. What’s more, a guild may unite with another guild to begin a City (Polis) War. Remember that members of the same guild as you are always your loyal friends when fighting against monsters or other hostile guilds. GodsWar Online, to some extent, is a War of guilds.

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