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Gods War Online

A general, sort of, overview.

GodsWar Online ( is the first fully IGG designed and produced 3D MMORPG. Top-grade game developer's painstaking efforts have culminated in the fantastic and mysterious GodsWar Online. GWO offers players distinct systems and activities including enchanting quests, charming game scenery, free character growth, amazing battles and a wonderful gaming community.

Game Type

Based on Greek Mythology, GodsWar Online is centered on the era of Greek Gods and Demigods. It was a time when Gods, human beings, demigods and monsters shared the same world. In the game, players can visit famous scenic spots such as the solemn temples, legendary Greek cities and the realms of the Gods. What’s more, players have a chance to meet Heroes such as Hercules, Theseus, Jason and other Gods and Demigods. In addition, players can challenge Medusa and other monsters. Believe us when we say that history comes alive!

Game Style

The 45-degree visual angle and the cute background will help players feel more comfortable.

Game Features

Battle System: The Chain Combo System of the game allows players to hit enemies successively.

Class System: GWO offers players various classes to choose from and a class transfer system. Players can transfer their classes according to their demands.

Skills and Spells: GWO offers players various skills and spells with amazing visual effects.

Faction System: When players create a character, they must choose a faction, either Sparta or Athens, so that they can take part in future faction events, including the much anticipated city wars.

Quest System: Players can find out about the two factions' stories from the primary quests. What's more, they can learn more about Greek mythology by finishing those quests.

Interaction System: Players can interact with others easily using the Friends, Guild, and Team functions.

Game Scenes: All game scenes in GodsWar Online are relative to Greek mythology. There are some instances as well.

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