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WHAT: Gobliins


The King's son, the Prince Buffoon, has been kidnapped by the evil Amoniak. What else is there to do but to call upon daring adventurers, ever ready to confront greatest evils in the name of honor and thus to save the Prince? Two talented gobliins volunteer to take of this grave task. FINGUS is a serious, polite and careful little fellow. WINKLE is an oddball and a joker, cheeky and reckless. They go seeking Tazaar's help in order to find the Prince. It is your job to help them on their way. 

The Mechanics

In Gobliins 2, you are given control of a team of two goblins, each with a unique skill. Each goblin has completely different attributes and can take advantage of completely different items. You touch the goblin and lead him through the task you desire him to complete. All of the levels/puzzles take up only a single screen but are filled with all sorts of challenging puzzles and traps, all of which must be completed using both of the goblins' special skills.

The Game

Gobliins 2 offers a mix of elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. The puzzles in Gobliins 2 are unusual and challenging, and lots of fun. Each puzzle must be solved before you can progress to the next level. It's a great adventure game, featuring amazing graphics and sound effects. It contains funny sequences that will make you laugh all the way through the game. The game is challenging and frustrating at times, but gamers who enjoy solving twisted, illogical puzzles will love working their way through its various worlds.


WHEN: Gobliiins is available NOW. Promo codes are available for press reviews.

WHERE: Worldwide on the Apple App Store. PRICE: $0.99

WHY: Because you deserve some diabolical puzzling fun.    

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