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Go to school oversees from the comfort of your PC

October 15, 2007 Las Vegas - Attention students, finish school abroad by traveling to one of several international campuses to complete your degree or just party on your parents dime. Start out in jolly old England where you begin to work on transferring to an international campus of your choice. You do not have to leave England, but lets face it the weather stinks and you can only drink ale for so long. So plan your escape to any of the other sites in sunny Cairo, the tech of Tokyo, fiesta time in Mexico City, Oktoberfest in Germany, or come back to Boston and finish up in your native land.

Campus offers numerous ways of traveling to the world's best academic establishments. Work your butt off to buy an airplane ticket, or complete missions to win tickets. Obtain degrees from every campus, enjoy the hospitality and culture of the locals, or just help your friends with missions and unlock rewards. Each campus has unique courses of study, mini-games, quests, and jobs.

So pack your school supplies and take flight.

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