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GNGWC 2008

US final round to be held in Gardena, LA on September 20th.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> GNGWC 2008, a global online game competition, is heading towards the finals and most of its regional final rounds are getting started or even finished. US final round, which is expected to have the biggest number of players, is going to be held at an Internet café in Gardena, LA, on 20th.

GNGWC 2008 is held by Korean Software Promotion Agency (KIPA) and sponsored by KT. This year is the third year and it is becoming one of the leading global online game competitions.

US representatives will be selected from the US final round for four different online games. Participants will be competing for the tickets to the global finals that will be held in Korea.

There are six regional finals. European and Southeast Asian finals have finished earlier. US, Korean, Brazilian and Japanese finals will follow. Representatives for each region will take part in the GNGWC 2008 final round in November, Korea.

'Navy Field', created by SD Enternet, has the greatest participants. 24 teams competed at the preliminary and 4 teams survived for the finals. There are 20 players in each team. Each team will compete with every single team as a league. Top two teams will make it to the final round that will take place in Korea.

'Jedi (captain, Ar2d2)' is the best team in Arizona server that has a greatest number of teams. Jedi made to the global finals last year therefore it is one of the strongest potential winners.

Onnet's 3D online golf game, 'Shot Online' had a lot of audiences at regional preliminaries and finals. There will be different events at the US finals to entertain players and audiences.

Ndoor's Atlantica had more than thousand players at the preliminary even though it has been only a short while since it started its global service. Ndoor sees the US final round as an opportunity to promote Atlantica in the US.

Director Kwon Taek min, from KIPA says, "I hope the GNGWC 2008 US final round will be an opportunity for Korean online game companies to advance into US market that is the third largest market in the world. Our agency will do our best to help Korean online game companies to promote their games in the World market."

US final round will take place in September 20, in an Internet café at LA. B-boy dance programs and different recreational events will happen during the finals and there will be premiums for participants.

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