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GNGWC 2008

Details of the regional finals to be staged in Korea.

'A global game festival, GNGWC 2008', that is held by Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) and is sponsored by KT, its most competitive regional finals in Korea will begin at Yongin (Yongin Youth Training Center) on 28th this month. US final round has just come to an end with a great success on 20th.

GNGWC 2008 had its regional rounds in Europe, Southeast Asia and US. The remaining rounds will be held in Korea, Brazil and Japan which will take place on September 28, October 4 and October 25 respectively. The final round for GNGWC will happen in Korea on November 16 following the regional finals in Japan.

GNGWC 2008 has gamers from 6 different continents where they get together to compete for world championship by playing Korean online games. Gamers have to survive an online preliminary and offline finals in order to play as a representative of each nation or continent. Shot Online (Onnet), Atlantica (Ndoors) and Navy Field (SD Enternet) are the ones that have been selected as official games in Korea round.

This coming Korea round is expected have a lot of Korean gamers since all of its official games are made in Korea. It will be a big festival for gamers and their families. Each game makers plan to have various programs and events on that day.

Top two gamers who survived the Korea finals will participate in the GNGWC 2008 world championship finals that will take place in G-Star, Ilsan Kintex, on November 16. Gamers from Europe, Southeast Asia, US, Brazil, Korea and Japan will have a big match struggling for world championship.

A number of winners of Korea finals will receive a prize from Yongin government. The top two players will receive USD 1,500 and USD 1,000 each. They will also represent Korea during the GNGWC 2008 world championship finals that will happen in G-Star on coming November.

Director Min-Taek Kwon, from KIPA which hosted GNGWC 2008, said, "We are honored to host the GNGWC Korea final rounds during Yongin's e-festival following last year. We believe that each game would elevate its position in Korean market through this GNGWC 2008."

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