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GNGWC 2007 Southeast Asia Regional Finals Successfully Finished

For Immediate Release

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - October 19, 2007 - The Southeast Asian region GNGWC 2007 finals glory -- Nine finalists are invited to the grand final on December (Korea) out of the 5,000 people. -- couple Game match, and many participants are involved in stories that have a lot of topics.

The domestic online games service, and foreign direct marketing business as part of the Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (yu young min Chair), and subjective (HK) KT-sponsored 'Game&Game World Championship 2007(GNGWC)' The finals of the Southeast Asian region is open on 13.oct, The event was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During The 'International Festival of Games & SW (SW & International Game Festival, or less ISGAF) 2007' by VINASA (Vietnam software organization) the Vietnam regional finals open. At the Vietnam, 'Silk Road Online', 'Bomb 'N Dash' total, 2 official games have been held, in the Philippines' war rock 'is separately proceeding. 44 players from 3 official games-Silk road Online, Bomb 'N Dash, War Rock had won ticket for the regional final match and 9 players were selected to go to the Grand Final held on December 1st.

So far, as rapid growth in the world's online game market in a scary place to watch top domestic online games have recently become a threat to its place in the situation in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in emerging markets and emerging partners in this tournament was held in the Vietnam than ever before Game makers who can make their position more clearly, it was timely.

During the final preparation for the Southeast Asian region GNGWC tournament venue, equipment provided through the active support throughout the tournament as a preparation period, he was director of the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) MS. Giang, "Vietnam for the first time this propaganda in the region at the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam is the game industry's reputation as a center to increase the opportunity for, and all the users who participated in a game with a pleasure that you can feel the momentum."

In the finals Unlike in the case of Silk Road Online, Yen Bai provinces on the northern part of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Phong Hai, took a plane ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh after 70 km overland route to move the game was held. Unfortunately, he will stay in the semi finals, but the complexity of the worldwide server Silk Road from anyone participating in the tournament itself as a game just as memorable games. Regional finals and the final champion, Doam Ngoc Khanh Nguyen Anh Hoang narrowly won a place in KOREA in the Grand final in December if it would take the championship aspirations.

Bomb 'N Dash reviewed the case, For a top Bomb 'N Dash player, two players (Doan Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Hoai Nam) did 30 hours a lengthy long-distance train travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, although they are tired of this schedule, they are in the semi final and eventually get the tickets to go to South Korea. Meanwhile, excellent scores in the final qualifying tournament in top three, Ho Duc Viet is a full keyboard for the inconvenience caused by the abrupt wrist injury that came around to win him over six Unfortunately. Now organizers specially provided DVD player to thank his spirits.

In addition, Vietnam will also include private broadcasters to sign VTC, including 10 of Vietnam local news agencies to visit places, GNGWC official game's developer to actively interview, including covering the Korean online game for the hot interest.

KIPA, "said the Southeast Asian regional finals with the emerging growth of the online game industry in Vietnam and confirmed the possibility that a large harvest," saying "the future is dark ties, the possibilities are endless in the domestic online game market so that you can continue to further expand the awareness certainly try, "he said.

Last August, starting with the GNGWC European finals, Korea (Yongin, 9.29-30), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, 10.13), the United States (Los Angeles, 10.20), Japan (Tokyo, 11.17) the series will be held, each chosen gamers through regional finals will be join the Grand final on December 1 during the SoftEXPO & DCF 2007 Seoul COEX exhibition.

About GNGWC (Game and Game World Championship)

GNGWC is an international game competition which began in 2006 by KIPA in order to promote Korean online games throughout the World. Last year, 1,070,000 gamers from 5 regions including Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, America took participation in comparing in 3 Korean games, 'Silkroad Online', 'Gunbound', and 'Shout Online'. With the success from previous year, the event is planned to continue in the future.

About KIPA

KIPA(Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency) was established in 1998 by the Ministry of Information and Communication as a non-profit organization. Its role is to contribute to the globalization of the Korea information technology industry, support start-up software companies, and improve the quality of Korea's software the industry's productivity through process improvement efforts. "Global Service Platform" initiative, which is also known as "game&game" and "Game and Game World Championship", is an part of its global marketing support program for the information technology industry.

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