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GMX Announces North American distribution of Will of Steel by Tri Synergy Inc.

For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX - October 14, 2004 - GMX Media and Tri Synergy Inc. today announced a North American distribution partnership for Will of Steel, the trend-setting Gameyus Interactive military Real Time Strategy game for PC - CD ROM. Will of SteeL is scheduled for a November 2004 North American release.

Will of SteeL is set to be one of our strongest games to be launched in 2005, " commented Eugene Perry, COO for GMX Media. "This game will astonish both dedicated and casual players of PC games with its ground breaking use of existing graphic technologies, and its unique use of in-game voice control mechanisms."

"We are ecstatic to be working with GMX Media on this title," said CEO for Tri Synergy, Inc. Tamra Nestler. "We believe this is an exciting opportunity to provide gamers with a quality title that offers a truly innovative feature by being able to control units in an RTS through voice commands."

Will of Steel is a 3-D Real Time Strategy game that takes place on a modern battlefield. Players assume the role of Marine Officer William Steel, the son of the highly decorated USMC General Thomas Steel. The player's task is to lead the battalion under his command to victory over the opposing forces in various hotspots around the world.


History is full of examples of superior forces being defeated by a weaker or underestimated foe. Don't be one of them! It is important that the player go into battle with a smart attack plan; one whose strategy and tactics take the enemy force, environment, terrain and the units available into account. If the battle starts to go awry, the player will need to make wise military choices and decide how to adjust their actions to counteract the strategy employed by the enemy forces in Afghanistan and Iraq to regain the tactical advantage.

The battalion the player commands is comprised of, Infantry, Battle Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, and Recon Units.

The engine used in Will of SteeL also allows the player to experience the difficulties of waging an extended battle that begins at dawn and stretches into the darkness of the twilight hours. Throughout the game, the player will also strive to improve their rank. With each victory, the player will either receive a medal or gain a promotion. With each new military conquest the player is awarded with Special Military Units that will then be at their disposal.

Special Military units:

  • Air transport
  • Artillery support
  • Air strike
  • Close air support
  • Satellite reconnaissance
  • Long range missile attack
  • Reinforcement
  • Special operations team


In Will of Steel, the player has full control of all camera angles, assigned units, and special options - Air Attack, Transport, Special Teams etc., through the use of vocal commands. The player can order both group and unit movements, choose tactics, as well as decide the types of weapons and stances that the units take. These possibilities will allow the more skilled players to play the game and lead their troops exactly the way they desire, while the less skilled players will be able to manage units using the traditional RTS control scheme of mouse and keyboard.

The voice control will help the player command units more easily and effectively than by just using the keyboard and mouse. In addition, voice control better simulates natural verbal communication between officers and their units. This will add to the realism and make the player feel as if he they are a real-life military commander.

Release Date: November 2004

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