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LONDON, UK (September 30th 2004) - GMX Media has today announced that a new demo of the RPG title Seal of Evil has been released for public download. The game recently went gold and is set for a UK release on October 15th 2004.

Download the file at the following URL.

"The new Seal of Evil demo has been specially created for the English speaking market and gives players the opportunity to experience some of the fantastic gameplay the finished version of the gamer has to offer," commented COO for GMX Media, Eugene Perry. "We are delighted with what Seal of Evil has to offer RPG gamers and are certain that anyone who plays the demo will be keen to get hold of the full game as soon as it becomes available."

"Seal of Evil has a fascinating setting in the last year of China's Warring States period 2,200 years ago and that is re-inforced with a strong element Chinese legend "said Richard Wallis,CEO of Object Software. "We hope gamers will enjoy the compelling story line and the unusual game play which draws on the ancient Chinese concept of the Five Elements."

Game Description

The Seal of Evil story is set in the twilight years of the Warring States period of Chinese history (476 - 206 BC). This turbulent time marks the disintegration of the longest lived of all imperial dynasties, the Zhou. Out of the strife and chaos emerges a nobleman possessed of an indomitable spirit and an uncompromising vision of the future: Ying Zheng, ruler of the Qin state. He will stop at nothing to reunite the disparate Chinese kingdoms. Combining ancient legends and mythic storytelling with historical fact, Seal of Evil sets the stage for an epic adventure wherein the players struggle to thwart the Qin invasion of their peaceful homeland, East Baiyue. Ferocious beasts, merciless enemy soldiers, wicked bandits, and terrifying supernatural foes are hazards they must face in order to achieve this goal.

There is still hope for them, however, for along the way they will also make many friends and acquire powerful weapons and equipment. And armed with mighty elemental magic, they may yet come face to face with the very Gods themselves...

Through the judicious use of elemental magic, a character can improve attributes, skills, equipment, weapons, create magic items, and even solve puzzles in the game. The Five Elements system makes Seal of Evil a dynamic and surprising game.

Refined Graphics

Seal of Evil relies upon Object Software's newly developed GFX3D engine, which blends 2D and 3D imaging techniques to deliver stunning in-game graphics. There are hundreds of fully rendered regions to explore, such as the idyllic and often mysterious villages of East Baiyue, the magnificent and dangerous cities of the Central Plains, ancient palaces, cloud-capped mountains, and other locales too numerous to name. Each environment is unique and rich in detail. The 3D rendering engine's special effects capabilities further enhance them, allowing players to take full advantage of their computer hardware's graphic potential.

Advanced Item Creation

Seal of Evil introduces an advanced item creation system that allows players to make equipment using a wide variety of methods. Each one relies on different materials and elemental attributes, and may be learned through persistent exploration and investigation. Raw materials for item creation can be harvested or found in the wild, bought and traded from merchants or commoners, or taken from enemies slain in combat. A character's equipment can be upgraded by means of the item creation system as well. This grants enhanced abilities, bonuses, protection, and spell casting above and beyond the gear's innate attributes. Other items, such as medicines and cut gems, can also be created.

Balanced Skill System

Skills add an entirely new dimension to combat and adventuring. The five heroes each have unique skills that apply strictly to their chosen professions. In addition to normal skill advancement through the accumulation of experience, skills can be improved with elemental attributes or with enhanced weapons and equipment. There are many ways to learn new skills in Seal of Evil, such as by finding a rare scroll in a secret cave, or from the unassuming old man in the street who is in truth a master of kung fu.

Multiple Endings

The Seal of Evil story has multiple possible endings. The one the players discover is determined by their choices and actions while performing certain quests. Conversations with NPCs (non-player characters) also have an effect on the outcome; different conversations can tip the balance from one ending to another. To assist the players along the way, the game system generates a Quest and Travel log to record significant events and conversations. Performing all available quests can potentially lengthen game play by as much as 30%.

Release Date: October 15th 2004!

More information at:

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